Don’t Break the Campaign Budget: Effective Yet Cheap Political Yard Signs for Promoting Your Candidate


You’d be hard-pressed to find a campaign manager who doesn’t ask themself this question…

How do we get our candidate’s message out without breaking the budget?

As campaigning continues to grow more competitive and every vote matters, traditional advertising can quickly drain even a large campaign’s resources.

But there’s a secret weapon waiting for you – yard signs!

Key Takeaway
  • Yard signs offer a budget-friendly marketing solution with high reach, perfect for campaigns looking to stretch their advertising dollars.
  • Effective yard signs grab attention with a clear message, bold visuals, and strategic placement in high-traffic areas.
  • Beyond basic promotion, yard signs can spark voter engagement and encourage voter turnout.

These humble forms of advertisement might seem old-fashioned, but they pack a powerful punch when it comes to promoting your candidate in a cost-effective way.

Whether your candidate is running for the State Senate, or they are trying to reclaim their City Council seat, let’s look at how you can leverage the power of yard signs to maximize your campaign’s reach without blowing your budget.

The Best, Budget-Friendly Option for Campaigns

Let’s face it, campaign budgets are rarely limitless. And most politicians want to be able to show their supporters that they’ve been good stewards of their campaign dollars.

Traditional advertising like TV, radio, and billboards can devour resources quickly. And this is where political yard signs shine.

  • Political Signs Have a Cost-Effective Reach: Compared to traditional advertising, custom political signs are a steal. The cost per sign is minimal, and the reach can be substantial, especially in high-traffic areas.
  • Political Signs Have a High ROI Potential: Well-placed political campaign yard signs can generate significant impressions for a small investment. Imagine hundreds, even thousands, of potential voters seeing your candidate’s name every day. That’s hard to beat for return on investment.
  • Ease of Use and Customization: Yard signs are incredibly user-friendly. Many online printing services offer customizable templates, allowing you to tailor the message to your specific campaign. You can choose from various sizes, colors, and designs to create eye-catching signs that effectively communicate your message.


Designing Your Custom Political Yard Signs for Maximum Impact

Now that you’re convinced of the budget-friendly power of yard signs, let’s get down to crafting impactful signs that grab attention. Here are some key design tips:

  • Clear & Concise Message: Keep it simple! Your sign should clearly communicate your candidate’s name and, ideally, a short campaign slogan or key message. Avoid cramming too much text, as drivers or pedestrians will only have a fleeting glance.
  • Visual Appeal is Key: In a crowded political landscape, visuals are crucial for grabbing attention. Consider using a high-quality image of your candidate or a symbol that aligns with your campaign theme.
  • Color Contrast is King: Especially in areas with competing yard signs, high-contrasting colors will make your sign stand out. Think bold text against a bright background for maximum readability.


  • Readability Matters: While you want your sign to be visually interesting, prioritize readability. Use large, clear fonts that are easy to see from a distance. Avoid overly decorative fonts that might be difficult to decipher. As a rule of thumb, stick to standard fonts like Arial or Times New Roman for optimal legibility.

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FAQs About Custom Campaign Signs

While each state is going to have its own rules and regulations when it comes to the design and placement of a custom yard signs political, let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions that may likely pertain to you.

Do political yard signs really work?

Studies suggest that political yard signs really do increase name recognition for candidates, which can be crucial in an election. And while these corrugated plastic signs pack a big punch and get your candidate’s name noticed, they are likely only one piece of a larger campaign strategy.

What are the rules?

There are local and state regulations around political yard signs. These can cover things like size, placement, and how long they can be displayed before and after an election. It’s important to check the specific rules in your area before putting signs up.

Where can I get them?

Campaign signs can be ordered from online printers or local sign shops. Many candidates will also provide signs to supporters at campaign events. At Easy Signs, we understand the nuances of creating the perfect campaign sign for your candidate and can help you design one that will be an effective advertising tool, specifically for your campaign.

Can I put up a sign for someone else on my property?

Generally, yes, you can display a campaign sign on your own property with the candidate’s permission. However, there may be restrictions in some communities, so it’s always best to check with your homeowners association or other local organizations to make sure.

What should a good campaign sign look like?

An effective sign should be easy to read from a distance and have a clear message. It should also be visually appealing and use the candidate’s colors and logo. Reach out to us at Easy Signs for more tips and tricks to make your custom yard sign stand out from the rest!

Are there eco-friendly options for yard signs?

Yes, there are a growing number of eco-friendly yard signs available. At Easy Signs, we make all of our custom yard signs from corrugated plastic which can be recycled and reused. Easy Signs is a signage company that is committed to helping you and the environment succeed.

What should I do with a yard sign after the election?

It’s a good idea to do your part in encouraging voters to recycle their campaign signs. Some campaigns offer a place for community members to drop their signs off (usually at campaign headquarters) or they recruit volunteers to pick up the signs for those who can’t deliver them on their own. Good campaigning means to be vigilant in your material recycling efforts, even after election day has come and gone.

How do I best care for my yard signs (before, during and after the campaign?)


  • Use mild soap and water for cleaning: For signs that are exposed to the outdoors, wash them gently with warm water and mild soap. This will remove dirt, grime, and any residue that can accumulate over time.
  • Store them properly: When you’re not using your yard signs, store them flat in a cool, dry place. This will help prevent them from warping or bending. You can also store them rolled up, but avoid creasing them too tightly.
  • Secure them properly: Make sure your yard signs are securely staked into the ground. This will prevent them from blowing over in the wind and getting damaged.


  • Use harsh chemicals: Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on your yard signs. These can damage the sign’s surface and make it more susceptible to fading.
  • Store them in extreme temperatures: Don’t store your yard signs in extreme heat or cold. This can cause the material to warp or crack.
  • Leave them out in high winds: If there is a high wind warning, it’s best to take your yard signs down temporarily to prevent them from getting damaged.

Start Your Campaign Right! Start with Easy Signs

At Easy Signs, we know the importance of having high-quality signage that leaves room in your budget for other needs.

Our Signflute™ Yard Signs are durable, attractive and an affordable way to make sure your candidate’s message is heard, loud and clear. For more information on how to get political yard signs, be sure to review the guidelines for your local area.

Here’s why Signflute™ signs are perfect for your next campaign:

  • Durable and Weatherproof: We use Signflute™ Corrugated Plastic, which is UV and weather-resistant. Unlike the outdated aluminum signs, our corrugated plastic signs ensure your campaign messages last through rain, shine, and everything in between.
  • Eye-Catching Full Color: Printed using high-quality Latex digital printing technology, your signs will be vibrant and capture attention.
  • Customizable Sizes and Shapes: We offer a wide range of sizes, from a compact 6″ x 6″ up to a substantial 36″ x 24″, and can even create larger signs from multiple panels. Want to stand out from the crowd? We can create convex geometric shapes like circles, triangles, and hexagons!


  • Easy on Your Budget: Get huge bulk discounts with our online calculator, making Signflute™ signs an economical way to maximize your campaign’s reach.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Signflute™ signs are completely recyclable, even after they’re printed on.

Ready to get started? Visit Easy Signs today and let our Signflute™ yard signs help your campaign win big!

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