How should I finish my Outdoor Vinyl Banner?

We offer a wide range of finishing methods for your Outdoor Vinyl Banners including Ropes & Grommets, Hemmed Edges & Grommets and Pole Pockets.

Ropes & Grommets Finishing your banner with Ropes & Grommets is perfect for when you need to hang your banner up between poles or to a tree. We hem quality 1/4” rope into the banner so the edge of the banner is re-enforced, we then leave 40” of rope extending out of each corner of the banner. We install clear grommets into the corners of the banner and along the edges at a maximum distance of 40” apart. Our grommets have a 25mm external diameter and a 12mm internal diameter.

Hemmed Edges & Grommets If you do not require rope we can simply finish your banner with Hemmed Edges & Grommers. This is the most popular option for people attaching banners to fences as you simply use cable ties (zip ties) through the grommets. This is the same as the above option, we simply don’t put the rope in while hemming.

Pole Pockets Pole Pockets are perfect as a hanging advertisement for your business. We produce 3” Lay flat pole pockets that fit poles up to 1.5” in Diameter. The pole pockets can be put on the top and bottom of the banner, or on the left and right sides of the banner. If the pole pockets are put on the left and right sides it is important to note that we not not close off the top of the pole pockets. If you are using the banner with vertical poles (for a march) you will need to arrange for the top of the pockets to be closed off. If the pole pockets are put on the top and bottom, please note that this changes the maximum height that we can achieve to 59” H.

Velcro We previously offered velcro finishing for vinyl banners but no longer offer this finishing method. If you require a banner that is to be attached to a surface with velcro, we recommend that you use a Fabric Banner which is a much lighter material. This product will look much better for this type of application.

If you are still unsure of the best finishing method for your application, please contact our Customer Happiness Team on 1-800-401-9242.

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