Searching for “Political Signs Near Me?” Is Local or Online Better for You?


Running a political campaign takes a lot of hard work.

And preparing for one does as well.

From ordering campaign materials to printing campaign signage, there are plenty of tasks to take care of before the election season even begins.

Knowing which of these tasks can be done online versus which should be done in person is going to help you form a plan, use your time wisely, and keep your costs to a minimum.

Key Takeaway
  • Online sign design offers ease and accessibility from anywhere.
  • Online platforms provide more creative options for unique designs.
  • Local print shops may offer tailored assistance and support.

When it’s time to begin designing and ordering your political signage, make sure you understand the benefits of online ordering versus doing it in person at a local brick-and-mortar store.

Convenience and Accessibility

When it comes to choosing political yard signs, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Both online ordering and visiting a local store offer distinct advantages, allowing you to choose the method that best suits your needs.

  • The Advantages of Ordering Yard Signs in Person:

    • Personalized Service: When you order your custom yard signs online, you can expect to get expert advice on design techniques, material selection, and various sizing options from experienced staff.
    • Unique Designs: Custom political signs are vital to a political campaign in order to set you apart from the other candidates. Ordering your signs in person may help make sure that none of the personalization is lost through an online portal.
    • Local Expertise: If there are any rules or restrictions regarding yard signs in your city or county, a local sign shop can make sure you are in compliance with any local regulations regarding size and placement.


    • Material Selection: Shopping local will allow you to get recommendations for the types of materials that will best suit your needs, especially if there are any weather conditions that are unique to your area.
    • Community Building: Supporting a local business will show your strong support for your community and potentially connect you with other campaign volunteers.

The Advantages of Ordering Yard Signs Online:

Convenience and Speed: Online ordering will allow you to design your sign from anywhere, anytime. You won’t need to travel to a physical store and can do everything from the comfort of your own home.

Online platforms also have faster turnaround times compared to waiting for a local shop to complete your order.

Wide Selection and Customization: Many online sites are able to offer a vast library of various styles and themes. Many have an online design tool that will help you personalize your signs to include your candidate’s information, photos, and slogans, allowing for a high degree of customization without needing design expertise.

Real-Time Previews and Edits: Online design tools offer instant previews of your sign as you make changes. This allows you to experiment with different layouts and colors before finalizing your order.

If you notice a typo or need to adjust something, you can easily make edits right there on the online platform.


Competitive Prices and Deals: Online stores often have lower overhead costs compared to local shops, which can translate to more competitive pricing for your custom lawn signs.

Not only that, but many online retailers can also offer discounts for bulk orders or promotions throughout the year, which keeps your advertising budget in line and allows you to use donor campaign funds in a responsible and economical way.

Easy Payment Options: Paying for your online order is easy and secure, using your preferred payment method (credit card, debit card, etc.). No need to carry cash or worry about having the right amount on hand.

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Customization Options: Making Your Political Yard Sign Stand Out

Political yard signs are a powerful tool for showcasing your support for a candidate or cause.

But a generic sign can get lost in a sea of others.

Thankfully, both online and local sign companies offer a wide range of customization options to let your custom yard sign choices truly resonate with voters.

Let’s explore some ways to personalize your political sign and grab the attention you need to make your campaign efforts a success.


Color Your Cause:

Online Options: Most online platforms offer a vast color palette so that you can choose the best color for your yard signs.

You can select a pre-designed template with a color scheme that reflects your candidate’s party affiliation or campaign colors. Many platforms also allow you to customize individual elements within the template, giving you ultimate control over the color scheme.

Local Shop Options: Discuss your color preferences with the staff at your local print shop. They can show you samples of colored materials or recommend specific color combinations that will ensure high visibility and readability.

Choose the Right Voice With the Right Fonts

Online Options: Online stores typically offer a variety of font styles for you to browse. Consider fonts that are bold and easy-to-read from a distance. Some platforms allow you to choose separate fonts for your candidate’s name, slogan, and any additional text.

Local Shop Options: Explain the message you want your sign to convey to the staff at your local shop. They can often suggest fonts that best suit that message. For example, a serious, authoritative message might call for a serif font, while a more casual and friendly message could be enhanced by a sans-serif font.

Add Visual Impact with Graphics

Online Options: Many online sign design platforms offer clipart collections with political symbols, flags, or candidate portraits. You can incorporate these elements into your design to add visual interest. Some platforms (Like Easy Signs) even allow you to upload your own photos or graphics.

Local Shop Options: Bring your own images or discuss ideas for graphics with the staff at your local print shop. They might have access to stock images or be able to help you create custom graphics that perfectly capture your enthusiasm for the candidate.

Cost or Quality…Or Both? Finding the Right Balance for Your Political Yard Signs

When it comes to political yard signs, striking a balance between affordability and quality is key. Both online sign suppliers and brick-and-mortar stores offer their own set of advantages in terms of pricing.

Let’s delve into the cost considerations for each option.

  • Online Signage Suppliers: Price Advantage Reigns

    Online businesses typically have fewer operational expenses compared to physical stores. They don’t need to pay rent for a storefront or staff a team of salespeople.

    This can translate to lower prices for yard signs, especially for basic designs.

    Many online retailers also offer significant discounts for bulk purchases. If you’re ordering signs for a group of supporters, this can be a substantial cost saver.

  • Brick-and-Mortar Stores: When Personalized Service Matters

    While online prices might seem fixed, local shops may be willing to offer some wiggle room on pricing, especially for larger orders.

    Don’t be afraid to politely inquire about potential discounts, particularly if you’re a repeat customer.

    Physical stores also allow you to see and feel the materials used for your sign firsthand. This ensures you’re getting a product that meets your quality expectations.

    Local shops might also offer premium material options not readily available online.

When an Online Signage Store is Your Chosen Solution…Choose Easy Signs!

In the competitive landscape of political campaigning, political candidates know that every detail matters. If you want to know how to get political yard signs, Easy Signs is your one-stop shop.

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Easy Signs is your one-stop shop for creating political yard signs that pack a punch. Our user-friendly online platform empowers you to become your own campaign designer, where you can unleash your creativity with our templates, or craft a sign from scratch using our intuitive customization tools.

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Don’t waste time with navigating traffic or haggling over prices.

At Easy Signs, creating high-quality custom political yard signs is a breeze. Our corrugated plastic Signflute™ yard signs provide the perfect canvas to showcase your message, and we take pride in offering fast, convenient, and affordable solutions for all your political signage needs. With 24-hour production times and a commitment to quality, you can count on Easy Signs to deliver exceptional yard signs that exceed your expectations.


This campaign season, don’t let your message get lost in the crowd.

Partner with Easy Signs today and elevate your political campaign signs to the next level. Visit our website to start designing your custom yard signs and create a statement that resonates with voters across the country!

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