Political Yard Signs: Size and Shape Matter More Than You Think


You’ve already invested hours in planning out the details of your upcoming political campaign.

You’ve thought through the kickoff event, the slogans you want, and where your headquarters will be located.

But have you considered the specifics of your political signage, specifically your campaign yard signs?

Have you considered how the size, shape, and overall style of these marketing tools may affect the outcome of your campaign?

Key Takeaway
  • The size and shape of political yard signs are pivotal in making sure they are seen and recognized.
  • Appropriately sized and shaped yard signs contribute to a campaign’s professional image and help maintain brand consistency.
  • The logistics of placing yard signs must be considered to maximize impact.

There are many things to take care of when you’re planning for campaign season, and thinking through your yard signage needs is certainly one of them.

Campaign signs will serve an important role in your election success.

The size, shape, and overall style of these marketing mavens matter more than you may realize.

Understanding Political Yard Signs

Political yard signs are more than just pieces of corrugated plastic.

They are a time-honored element of any good campaign’s strategy.

Custom yard signs serve as a visual endorsement for a political candidate, cause, or ballot initiative. Their role is to act as visual cues that build name recognition and encourage voter engagement from various prominent places within a community.

  • The History

    The promotion of political candidates has been a part of election culture in the United States since the first presidential inauguration, when metal pins were distributed with Washington’s initials and the phrase, “Long Live the President” emblazoned across them.

    Not only did these pins increase Washington’s visibility, but they made it clear who his supporters already were.

    From metal pins to plastic signs, candidates continue to rely on marketing materials that make sure that their message is clear, and their name is known.


  • The Evolution

    While early lawn signs were simple and handcrafted, today they are typically made out of durable corrugated plastic and professionally designed.

    The transition from do-it-yourself designs to professionally laid-out artwork reflects our changing times.

    It also highlights the continued need for quality signage that is good at influencing the public perception of local, state, and national election campaigns.


  • The Significance

    Yard signs are a low-cost way to visibly connect with voters.

    They are often used in conjunction with other campaign materials to create a cohesive message.

    Political lawn signs are strategically placed in supporters’ yards, near busy intersections, and in other public spaces to maximize exposure.

    The simplicity of the message on these signs is key, and it must be concise, yet impactful. Often the message will be limited to just the candidate’s name and a slogan that encapsulates their campaign’s essence.


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Sizes and Shapes: Options for Campaign Yard Signs

For decades, the most common type of yard sign for campaigns has been the standard 24-inch X 18-inch rectangle.

This popular yard sign size is ideal for most political signs as it offers a balance between visibility and cost-effectiveness.

However, alternative sizes and shapes may be more appropriate for certain campaigns, depending on various factors.

Here are some reasons a different size may prove more powerful for your campaign needs:

Larger Sizes for High Traffic Areas: In areas with high vehicular or pedestrian traffic, larger signs can make a more significant impact. A bigger sign has a better chance of being noticed at higher speeds, making it ideal for busy roads.

Smaller Sizes for Windows or Balconies in Cities: Smaller signs are perfect for city settings where space is limited, such as apartment windows or balconies. They can be used to target specific demographics in urban areas where larger signs might not be feasible.

Various Shapes to Signify Campaign Themes or Feelings: Non-rectangular shapes can be used to convey a particular theme or emotion associated with the campaign. For example, a sign shaped like a house could be used for a candidate focusing on housing issues, or a circular sign might represent unity or inclusivity.


Remember, the goal of a good custom yard sign is to make your campaign’s presence known and felt in the community.

The size and shape of your yard signs should align with your overall campaign strategy and messaging, ensuring that every sign placed contributes to your path to victory.

Cost Considerations of Yard Sign Sizes and Shapes

When it comes to yard campaign signs, the size and shape not only influences visibility and voter engagement, but also have a significant impact on the campaign’s overall budget.

This is especially true when you consider the need for funds across various marketing mediums.

Here are some key questions to ask your signage company about the difference between a standard yard sign and shape versus those that may be outside the norm:

Size-Related Charges: “Are there additional charges for larger or smaller signs compared to the standard sizes?”

Shape-Related Costs: “Do custom yard signs of different shapes cost more to create, and if so, why?”

Production Time: “Will a custom-sized yard sign take longer to produce, and how will that affect the delivery schedule?”

Design Fees: “Are there any design fees that we should be aware of, especially for more complex or custom graphics?”


Durability and Material Options: “What are the cost differences between standard and premium materials, and how do they compare in terms of durability?”

Installation Costs: “Does the cost estimate include installation services, or will there be separate setup charges?”

Shipping and Handling: “How are shipping and handling costs calculated, and can we expect an increase for larger or irregularly shaped signs?”

By asking these questions, you can ensure that you have a clear understanding of any costs involved in creating custom political yard signs of any size or shape for your campaign.

It’s crucial to have a transparent relationship with your signage provider to avoid any unexpected expenses that could detract from other campaign expenses and activities.

When it comes to finding the best political yard signs for your campaign, the goal is to maximize the impact of your custom lawn signs, while maintaining a cost-effective campaign strategy.

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The Logistics of Placing Unique Signs

When it comes to political campaigns, designing signage that’s outside the normal standard yard sign size is not just a form of expression, but also a strategic tool for visibility.

However, the placement of a unique sign, especially one that is an unusually shaped or large format sign, presents certain logistical challenges you will want to be aware of.

Here are a few things to think about when you decide to design and utilize election signs that are different than the standard yard sign sizes:

  • Physical Space Constraints: Larger signs require more space, which may not be available in densely populated areas or on smaller residential properties. Unusually shaped signs might not fit standard mounting stakes or frames, necessitating custom solutions.
  • Visual Obstruction: Large signs can obstruct views, which can be a safety hazard, particularly near roadways or intersections. Odd-shaped signs might also infringe on neighboring properties or public spaces.
  • Installation Difficulties: The installation process for non-standard signs can be more complex and time-consuming, potentially requiring additional labor and equipment.
  • Zoning Laws: Many localities have specific zoning laws that regulate the size, shape, and placement of signs. These laws are in place to ensure safety, preserve aesthetics, and prevent visual clutter.
  • Permit Requirements: Some jurisdictions may require permits for signs over a certain size or for those placed in public view. Obtaining the necessary permits is crucial to avoid legal issues or fines.
  • Community Standards: Even in the absence of strict regulations, community standards and expectations can influence where and how signs should be placed. Respecting these unwritten rules can help maintain good relations with the community.

The logistics of placing unique yard signs are an important consideration for any political campaign.

A personalized yard sign that is larger and/or oddly shaped can make an impactful statement.

That said, these types of signs must be thoughtfully placed to maximize impact without breaking any local regulations or creating logistical headaches.

By carefully considering these factors, campaigns can ensure that their yard signs serve as effective tools for garnering support and raising visibility.

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