What shapes do we cut Signflute™ and Coroplast signs?

Easy Signs cut Signflute™ and Coroplast signs into square and rectangular shapes but also cut a range of convex shapes including circles, triangles and hexagons.

Not sure what a convex shape is? We explain it for you below.

Technical definition:

“A convex polygon is a simple polygon (not self-intersecting) in which no line segment between two points on the boundary ever goes outside the polygon. Equivalently, it is a simple polygon whose interior is a convex set.”

Slightly less technical definition:

“Curved outwards. Example: A polygon (which is straight-sided) is convex when there are NO “dents” or indentations in it (no internal angle is greater than 180°)”

But if you are not a mathematician:

To make it much simpler we have drawn some examples below to show you what we can cut and what we cannot cut:

We hope this diagram helps you to understand the shapes we cut our Signflute™ and Coroplast signs.

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