Yard Signs for Political Campaigns: Why You Need This Buzzy Worthy Tool for This Election Season


Campaign season is starting to gear up and your checklist seems to be a mile and a half long.

From finding the right headquarters space to building your campaign dream team, the work that goes into a successful campaign is not for the weak.

And your campaign yard signs shouldn’t be either.

Key Takeaway
  • Well-designed and durable political yard signs are a cost-effective way to generate local excitement and curiosity for your new campaign launch.
  • Design your signs with a clear call to action to drive voters to the polls.
  • Combine yard sign placement with social media to spark voter engagement and build pre-campaign buzz.

Staying on budget is a big part of a well-run campaign and you have to constantly make decisions as to where you want to prioritize donor’s dollars.

This is where custom political signs can be an excellent choice when it comes to your marketing plan.

These small but mighty pieces of corrugated plastic can be strategically placed all around your community, letting voters know your candidate’s name, their platform and where and when to cast their ballot.

Custom political yard signs will be a secret weapon in your arsenal of resources right up until election day.

Let’s learn more about what they can do for you.

Why Yard Signs Are a Buzz-Worthy Launch Tool for Any Campaign

In today’s fast and furious digital age, it’s easy to underestimate the power of a low-tech tool like a yard sign.

But don’t be fooled by their simplicity!

Political campaign signs can be a surprisingly effective (and cost-effective!) way to launch your campaign and generate local interest.

Let’s look at some of the reasons political signage is such a popular way to get a candidate’s name and message out to the community at large:

Budget-Friendly Buzz: Compared to traditional launch tactics like TV ads or mass mailings, yard signs are an amazingly low-cost way to get your campaign out in front of large numbers of people in your community.

Custom political yard signs are relatively inexpensive to produce and install, allowing you to stretch your marketing budget further. This makes them ideal for large and small grassroots campaigns.

Local Love: Yard signs have a hyper-local reach. They directly target people in your community, sparking curiosity and conversation among your neighbors.

This can be incredibly valuable, especially in local elections where word of mouth is a key factor in the promotion of a candidate, their values, and their platform.


Curiosity Catalyst: A well-designed yard sign can be a conversation starter. A catchy slogan or intriguing image can prompt people to ask questions, “What’s this candidate about?” or prompt them to want to learn more.

This natural curiosity can lead to them seeking out more information about your campaign online or through word-of-mouth.

Community Collaborators: Yard signs can also be leveraged to create a sense of community and momentum for a candidate and their campaign.

Seeing a cluster of signs in a neighborhood can create a feeling of “everyone’s involved,” which can encourage others to join the movement.

Additionally, yard signs can be used to promote social media engagement by including a hashtag or directing people to your campaign website through a QR code.

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Crafting Your Yard Sign for Maximum Buzz

A well-designed yard sign isn’t just a splash of color on the lawn — it’s a mini billboard for your entire campaign!

Here are some tips for making sure that you craft a yard sign that will generate maximum buzz right up until election day:

The Power of the Short Message: Yard signs have limited real estate. Keep your message concise and impactful. Focus on a single, clear idea that resonates with your target audience. Think of it as a headline that piques curiosity.

Color Chemistry: Choose colors that are eye-catching and reflect your campaign’s message.

Bold primaries can create a sense of urgency and enthusiasm, while cooler tones can evoke trust and professionalism.

Regardless of what type of vibe you’re going for, make sure to have high contrast between the text you use and the background for clear readability. Don’t overwhelm viewers with too many colors. Choose a dominant color for the background and a contrasting color for the text and key elements.

Tools like online color palette generators can also help you find complementary colors that work well together.


Image is Everything: Sure, text is important for your yard sign, but visuals are what truly capture attention and leave a lasting impression.

A well-chosen image can significantly boost your sign’s impact. Consider using a strong candidate headshot, a symbolic image, or a powerful graphic that visually reinforces your campaign’s platform and main messages.

The Call to Action: Don’t leave people hanging! Include a clear call to action on your political yard sign that directs potential voters to learn more.

This could be your campaign website address, a social media handle, or a specific hashtag.

QR Code Convenience: For a tech-savvy touch, consider incorporating a QR code. This allows viewers to easily access your website, social media pages, or even a downloadable campaign brochure with a quick scan from their smartphones.

Get Creative! You can still maintain a strong sense of professionalism and trust while also making your political campaign yard signs something that gets noticed and talked about.

Some options for “designing outside the box” include making yard signs that are not a traditional rectangular shape or having double-sided signs that make sure your message is seen from all sides.

By following these tips, you can create custom campaign signs that generate buzz, spark conversations, and effectively guide people towards the next step in engaging with your campaign or business.

Ease Into the Campaign Season the Right Way…With Easy Signs!

Easy Signs is an online signage company that offers a compelling combination of high-quality and low cost digitally printed signage for an election campaign of just about any size.

Our Allentown, PA facility means that each political sign you order is manufactured in the USA and that our state-of-the-art technology ensures 24-hour production times on every order.

This means that your corrugated plastic signs will be ready to hit the campaign trail when you are. If you need more guidance on how to get political yard signs, be sure to consult our resources.


At Easy Signs, each custom political yard sign is:

  • Printed on our best quality Signflute™ Corrugated Plastic material
  • Made with UV and weather resistant printing
  • Printed in amazing full color using Latex digital print technology
  • Available in any size from 6″ x 6″ up to 36″ x 24″
  • Able to be cut to convex geometric shapes including circles, triangles and hexagons
  • Equipped with clear, rust-proof grommets that won’t detract from the look of your sign!
  • Completely recyclable when printed on – even with grommets!

If you’re having a hard time designing the right sign for this campaign season, don’t fret. Easy Signs has a highly skilled team of graphic designers that are waiting to help you create an amazing design for your campaign signs.

And — depending on how much help you want or need — have affordable online design tool packages available to accommodate the most simple to the most complex design requirements.

Don’t leave your campaign’s signage needs up to just anyone.

At Easy Signs, we will work with you to make sure your campaign sign goals are met and that your community will be proud to see them displayed right up until election day. For additional information on specific regulations in different states, including detailed insights on political yard signs rules Pennsylvania, you can consult our comprehensive resources to ensure full compliance with local guidelines.

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