Campaign Yard Signs: Cheap and Creative Ways to Make Your Signs Stand Out


For most grassroots election campaigns, scarcity is the norm, not the exception.

From manpower hours to money in the bank, resources are limited, and every dollar counts.

This reality makes it all the more important that campaigns get creative and strategic with their materials.

And this is why political signs act as the perfect marketing tool, particularly when they’re designed with cost and quality in mind.

Key Takeaway
  • Bulk ordering and comparison shopping are key strategies for reducing costs while maximizing the impact of campaign yard signs.
  • Utilizing free design tools and DIY sign production can lead to unique and cost-effective political sign options.
  • Community Engagement: Enlisting volunteers not only fosters community involvement but also aids in the efficient distribution of signs, further cutting down expenses.

While some campaigns have the means to market to their voters in more ways than one, custom political signs are still one of the most commonly used tools.

Often, a yard sign is the first visual connection voters will have with a candidate or cause.

Creating custom and informative yard signs is an effective way to get a message out into the community.

Not only that, but it can be an affordable way as well.

From design hacks to message optimization, let’s look at some of the best ways your campaign can create inexpensive custom yard signs that will make a lasting impression while not breaking your budget.

Why Bulk is Better: Bulk Ordering Your Yard Signs Will Save On Costs

From shopping at big box warehouse stores to taking advantage of the “buy two, get one free” deals, the principle of buying in bulk to save on costs is universally understood.

When it comes to campaign yard signs, bulk purchasing can make a significant impact on the cost of your advertising materials, particularly your campaign signs.

Bulk purchasing is not just about frugality. It’s also a strategic decision that can stretch your campaign dollars further. By ordering your yard signs in large quantities, bulk purchasing allows you to tap into the power of economies of scale, reducing the cost per sign and ensuring your message is seen far and wide.

Whether you’re a seasoned political strategist or a first-time candidate, understanding how to leverage bulk ordering can be a game-changer for your campaign’s outreach efforts.


  • Plan Ahead: Determine your total need for the campaign season to avoid multiple small orders.
  • Coordinate with Others: If you’re part of a coalition or a group of candidates, consider combining orders to reach a higher quantity and lower prices.
  • Choose a Standard Design: A uniform design that can be used for another campaign season can allow for larger print runs and lower costs.
  • Seek Quotes from Multiple Suppliers: Don’t settle for the first quote. Shop around and use competitive quotes to negotiate.
  • Understand the Lead Times: Bulk orders can take longer to fulfill. Prepare you order well in advance and talk with your yard sign manufacturer to make sure your order won’t require additional costs to print within your timeline.
  • Storage and Distribution: Have a plan for storing and distributing the signs. Depending on the amount, a bulk order may require more space for storage and additional coordination for distribution.

By applying these principles, campaigns can make the most of their bulk order, ensuring that every dollar spent on yard signs contributes effectively to their visibility and success.

Remember: bulk ordering isn’t just about saving money but also about maximizing impact.

Be a Savvy Comparison Shopper

Anyone who practices frugality with their personal finances knows the importance and power of comparison shopping.

It’s a skill that can make a huge difference in a person and a candidate’s budget.

Today, comparison shopping is easier than ever.

From making a quick phone call to sending an email, comparing prices from multiple vendors is almost effortless. And with a wealth of information right at your fingertips, ensuring you’re getting the best deal for your campaign yard signs is just a few clicks away.

This not only saves you money but also time, allowing you to focus on the more strategic aspects of your campaign.


Let’s look at some helpful strategies for comparing prices among political signage vendors:

  • Know Your Needs: Clearly define what you need from your custom campaign signs. This will help you avoid overspending on unnecessary features and focus on what’s essential for your campaign.
  • Research Thoroughly: Don’t just accept the first quote you receive. Research multiple vendors to understand the market rates and find the best deals.
  • Use Benchmarks and Word of Mouth: Find out what similar campaigns are paying for their yard signs. This information can be a powerful tool during negotiations.
  • Negotiate Wisely: Don’t be afraid to negotiate prices. Remember, the most successful vendors want to make a profit, but they also want to maintain good relationships with their clients.
  • Consider Bulk Discounts: If you’re ordering a large quantity, ask about bulk discounts. Vendors may offer better rates for larger orders.

By employing these strategies and using the right tools, you can become a comparison shopping expert, ensuring that your campaign yard signs are not only eye-catching but also cost-effective.

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Craft a Creative and Stand-Out Design

Crafting a creative and standout design is essential for making your campaign yard signs pop, even on a budget.

  • Here’s why:

    • Visibility: A unique design guarantees that your sign catches the eye and stays in the minds of your voters. When political yard signs suddenly seem to be everywhere, a distinctive one will ensure that your message doesn’t just blend in, but stands out.
    • Branding: A consistent and striking design is not just about aesthetics — it’s about reinforcing your campaign’s brand and message as well. Good branding serves as a visual shorthand that communicates your candidate’s values and objectives to voters quickly.
    • Engagement: More than just being seen, eye-catching signs have the power to engage the community and spur them into action. A well-designed sign can inspire curiosity, start conversations, and, most importantly, motivate people to show their support.

  • Tips for Eye-Catching Designs on a Budget

    1. Prioritize Color Contrast: Use high-contrast color combinations to make your sign stand out. For example, dark text on a light background or vice versa.
    2. Use Bold Fonts: Choose bold, readable fonts that can be seen from a distance. Avoid overly decorative fonts that may reduce legibility.
    3. Simplicity is Key: Keep the design simple. A cluttered sign can be confusing and less effective.
    4. Create a Consistent Core Message: Focus on the core message. Make sure it’s concise and large enough to read quickly.

By concentrating on these elements, you can create political signs that not only stand out but also reinforce your campaign’s message without stretching your budget.

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Mobilize Volunteers for Lower Campaign Costs and Higher Candidate Visibility

Mobilizing volunteers for the distribution of campaign yard signs is a strategic move that can significantly reduce staffing and marketing costs.

Volunteers are the true backbone of a strong grassroots campaign. From the initial planning stages to the final moments of election night, the passion and dedication volunteers bring to a campaign can make a monumental difference.

Here’s how you can use volunteers to keep your campaign costs low, particularly when it comes to yard signs:

  1. Utilize volunteers with graphic design skills to create your yard sign artwork, saving on professional design fees.
  2. Coordinate with volunteers to assess the number of signs needed across different areas, allowing you to make a cost-effective bulk purchase.
  3. Have volunteers handle the distribution of signs, which cuts down on delivery costs. They can also place signs in high-traffic areas to maximize visibility.
  4. Instead of hiring staff, volunteers can install the signs themselves, ensuring that they are placed legally and securely.


  1. Assign volunteers to monitor and maintain the signs, keeping them clean and upright, which prolongs their lifespan and maintains a positive image.
  2. After the campaign, volunteers can help collect the signs for recycling or storage for future use, reducing waste and the need for new materials.

By leveraging the enthusiasm and networks of your volunteers, you can significantly lower the expenses related to yard signs and invest more into other critical areas of your campaign. A well-organized volunteer team is not just a cost-saving asset but also a powerful force for grassroots mobilization.

Cheap Signs Start with Easy Signs

In the end, effective campaigning doesn’t have to drain your bank account.

With Easy Signs, you can ensure that your message resonates with voters without compromising on quality or cost. Our Signflute™ Yard Signs are the epitome of durability and affordability, designed to make your candidate’s voice heard in the most efficient way possible.

  • Why Choose Signflute™ for Your Campaign?

    • They’re durable and weatherproof: Crafted from UV and weather-resistant Signflute™ Corrugated Plastic, these signs are built to withstand the elements, ensuring your message stands the test of time.
    • They are full of color: Utilizing state-of-the-art Latex digital printing technology, each sign boasts vivid, eye-catching colors that grab attention and don’t let go.
    • They can be customizable to your needs: With a variety of sizes and the ability to create unique shapes, Signflute™ signs offer the flexibility to truly stand out. You can also choose single-sided signs or double-sided signs, depending on your needs and budget.


    • They are budget-friendly: Our online calculator provides substantial bulk discounts, making it easier to spread your message far and wide without breaking the bank.
    • They are eco-conscious: Unlike aluminum signs, Signflute™ signs are fully recyclable, allowing your campaign to leave a lasting impression, not a lasting footprint.
    • They’re versatile: While most people will choose to purchase wire stakes to go with their yard signs, they can also be attached to buildings instead of placed in the ground.

As you get ready to start this season’s campaigning, remember that a smart investment in yard signs now can pay large dividends in visibility and voter support later.

Visit Easy Signs today and let us help you create yard signs that not only champion your campaign but also champion sustainability.

Whether you need our online design tool or plan to customize your yard signs on your own, our Customer Happiness Team can point you in the right direction. For more detailed information on pricing, check out our guide on campaign yard signs cost.

Together, we’ll help your campaign achieve victory while keeping an eye on the bottom line. Let’s make those signs easy on the eyes, and easy on the budget!

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