From the Lawns to the Polls: Ways That Political Yard Signs Can Make a Difference


Election season is fast-approaching and while campaign tactics are always improving, there’s one resource that continues to stand the test of time.

The political yard sign.

Key Takeaway
  • Political yard signs serve as a powerful tool for voter influence and campaign visibility.
  • Effective integration of yard signs with digital strategies can amplify a campaign’s reach.
  • While yard signs alone may not guarantee election success, they are a valuable component of a broader campaign strategy.

From sprawling suburban lawns to cityscape apartment windows, political yard signs have long been a favorite way for candidates to get their message out to voters everywhere.

Even in today’s digital age, these corrugated plastic signs can deliver a powerful punch, adding to a campaign’s excitement and eventual success!

The Psychological Impact of Political Yard Signs

At first glance, political yard signs might just seem like an inexpensive advertising tool for local and national candidates to make a bigger presence in a community during election season.

However, studies show that political signs actually hold a deeper psychological influence that extends beyond their colorful slogans and bold text.

Here are some of the biggest ways that custom political signs can have a psychological impact on voters in your community:

  • Social Proof: Political signs act as a form of social proof, a psychological phenomenon where people conform to the actions of others.
    When voters see multiple signs supporting a particular candidate, they may perceive that candidate as more popular or electable, which can sway their own voting preferences.
  • Priming: The presence of political signs can prime voters with certain associations and attitudes towards a candidate before they receive any detailed information about them.
    This initial impression can shape how subsequent information is interpreted and can have a lasting impact on voter perception.


  • Commitment and Consistency: For those who want to display political signs, the principle of commitment and consistency usually come into play.
    Once a voter has publicly shown support for a candidate by placing a sign in their yard, they are more likely to remain consistent with that endorsement and vote accordingly.
  • Cognitive Accessibility: Political signs increase the cognitive accessibility of a candidate’s name and campaign. This means that the candidate’s name becomes more readily available in voters’ minds, potentially influencing their choices in the voting booth.
  • Emotional Activation: Political signs can evoke emotional responses, whether positive or negative. These emotional reactions can be powerful motivators for voter turnout and can influence the intensity of support or opposition one has for a candidate.
  • Identity Expression: Displaying a political sign is also a way for voters to express their identity and affiliations.
    It’s a public declaration of their values and the political group they identify with, which can reinforce their commitment to vote in alignment with those values.

Political signs are not just passive advertisements…they actively engage with the psychological processes of voters and play an important role in affecting their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.

While the extent of their impact can vary, political campaign yard signs are a significant tool in the arsenal of political campaigns due to their psychological effects.

Political campaign yard signs leverage the power of visibility, social dynamics, and emotional engagement to influence the electoral process.

The Marketing of Political Yard Signs

Political yard signs are a vital marketing tool in election campaigns, serving multiple strategic purposes.

Whether you are running for a local school board campaign or a national Senate seat, here are some of the ways in which political signs are a low-cost, high-yield marketing tool. If you want to know where to get political yard signs, you can find political yard signs for sale that meet your specific needs and budget.

  • Increasing Candidate Visibility: Yard signs act as mini-billboards and are able to capture the attention of voters in various settings.
    Political yard signs can be placed in high-traffic areas, on residential lawns, and in public spaces (where permitted), providing a constant visual reminder of the candidate’s presence in the race.
  • Building Name Recognition: Well-designed and strategically placed yard signs help build awareness and keep the candidate’s name at the forefront of voters’ minds.
    This is particularly effective for independent candidates who may not have significant media exposure.


  • Demonstrating Community Support: When voters see yard signs in their neighbors’ yards, it can influence them to support the candidate, leveraging the power of community endorsement.
  • Cost-Effective Advertising: Compared to other forms of advertising, yard signs are relatively inexpensive and can reach voters who avoid social media and television ads, making them an affordable way to increase brand awareness.

    If you’re interested in specific pricing details, campaign yard signs cost can vary depending on factors such as quantity, materials, and design complexity. For budget-friendly options, cheap campaign yard signs can provide effective solutions without breaking the bank.

Political yard signs are more than just pieces of corrugated plastic with a name on them.

Political signage can serve as a sophisticated marketing tool that — when designed and used effectively — can significantly enhance a candidate’s visibility as well as influence voter behavior. If you’re wondering how much do political yard signs cost, prices can vary depending on size, quantity, and design complexity.

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The Impact of Political Yard Signs

For something so small and inexpensive, a custom political yard sign can have a big impact.

While there’s been a fair amount of research done on custom political yard signs and the results of a campaign and voter turnout, here are some facts that stand out:

  • A study led by Donald P. Green suggests that political lawn signs can increase a candidate’s vote share by more than 1 percentage point.
  • The research involved four separate experiments across 376 voting precincts in the states of New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.
  • The findings indicate that custom campaign signs can be a crucial tool in elections with narrow margins.
  • Lawn signs were found to be less effective when they explicitly referenced a political party or ideology.
  • Political yard signs are part of a broader set of campaign strategies that have the potential to influence the success of a candidate.

Campaign signs should not be your only way to reach potential constituents and increase voter turnout.

That said, the best political yard campaign signs can certainly have a significant impact on how an election concludes, especially if they are thoughtfully made, of high-quality, and are good at grabbing people’s attention.

The How-Tos of Political Yard Signs

We know that political signs are important for a candidate’s campaign.

However – creating effective ones will involve a combination of thoughtful design, high-quality materials, and strategies that ensure they grab attention.

Here are some ways to achieve this:

Design Techniques:

  • Simplicity is Key: Use clear and straightforward messaging that communicates the candidate’s name, the office they’re running for, and a memorable slogan if space allows.
  • Create a Visual Hierarchy: Design the sign so that the most important elements, like the candidate’s name, are the most prominent.
  • Keep Brand Consistency: Ensure the sign’s design is consistent with the campaign’s overall branding, using the same colors and fonts.

High-Quality Materials:

  • Durability: Choose campaign sign materials that can withstand weather conditions. Corrugated plastic works best.
  • Professional Printing: Use a reputable printing company to ensure that the colors on your signs are vibrant and the text is crisp.

Attention-Grabbing Techniques:

  • Bold Colors and Fonts: Use bold colors that stand out and large, legible fonts to ensure readability from a distance.
  • Strategic Placement: Place signs in high-traffic areas where they are likely to be seen by the target audience.
  • Engaging Imagery: Include compelling imagery or graphics that align with the campaign’s message and make the sign more visually appealing.

By focusing on these various aspects of political design, you can create campaign signage that is not only visually striking but also communicates the campaign’s message effectively (while withstanding the rigors of outdoor display). For more information on what size are political yard signs, check out our sizing guide.

Remember: the goal of any good election campaign sign is to make a lasting impression on voters as they go about their daily routines, and ultimately, cast their vote.

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