Where to Get Political Yard Signs: Best Options for Your Campaign


As election season begins to ramp up, campaign managers everywhere are already beginning to ask themselves a number of questions…

What type of advertising will be most effective for my candidate?

What type of budget do I need for promotional materials?


Where can I get the best and most affordable political yard signs that will look professional, be effective, and not break the budget?

Key Takeaway
  • There’s a range of places to get political yard signs, from nationwide chain stores to local print shops, and online retailers.
  • Whether it’s through a DIY approach or a specialty political sign company, the focus should be on customization and quality to make a lasting impact.
  • Choose a printing company that aligns with your campaign’s scale, budget, and timeline, ensuring the visibility and effectiveness of your political message.

Running a political campaign takes a lot of hard work, and finding the right resources will be a high priority in the months leading up to your campaign kickoff.

From pamphlets and posters to custom banners, buttons, and yard signs, it’s likely that you will rely on a wide range of printed materials to help get your candidate’s name into the community and inspire voters to come out to the polls.

As you prepare your list of to-dos for campaign season, let’s look at the options you have for printing campaign yard signs and find out which one will best fit your budget, timeline, and candidate’s campaign style.

Option #1: Nationwide Chain Stores

Nationwide chain stores are retail outlets that are part of a larger network of stores owned by a single company and spread across the country.

These stores are popular for offering consistent shopping experiences, standardized products, and similar services regardless of location.

When it comes to your campaign printing needs, a nationwide chain store may be a good option for you if you’re mainly looking for:

  • Convenience and Accessibility: The primary advantage of opting for a nationwide chain store is the convenience and accessibility they offer.
    With locations in most major cities and towns, finding a chain store near you is generally easy. This accessibility means you can quickly place orders for anything from banners to political signs and expect a uniform level of service and product quality.
  • Standardized Quality and Bulk Purchasing: Nationwide chain stores often have the benefit of standardized quality control, ensuring that products like yard signs maintain a consistent standard across all locations.
    Additionally, these stores are usually well-equipped to handle bulk purchasing orders, making them an ideal choice for campaigns that require a large number of signs.


While nationwide chain stores offer many benefits, they may lack the personal feel that you’re looking for.

The scale at which the type of stores have to operate can sometimes mean that customization options are limited compared to other options that may offer more personalized services.

If customer service and/or custom political signs are big priorities to you, then a large chain print store might not be your best option.

Option #2: Local Print Shops

Supporting local businesses is not just a community-building effort — it’s a strategic move for political campaigns to take into consideration when making purchases for the betterment of the campaign.

By opting for local print shops, you’re investing in services provided by individuals who are part of the electorate and have a vested interest in the community’s growth and well-being.

Here’s how:

  • Community Support and Potential Discounts: Local print shops often form the backbone of community business districts.
    Choosing them for your political campaign materials can foster goodwill and even lead to discounts or pro bono work, especially if the owners support your campaign’s cause or candidate. This mutual support can be beneficial for both the campaign’s budget and the local economy.
  • Personalized Service and Custom Designs: One of the standout benefits of a local print shop is the personalized service they may be able to offer.
    Unlike larger chains, local shops can provide a more personal touch, with the ability to work closely with clients on custom designs and modifications. This can result in unique and eye-catching yard signs that truly represent your campaign’s message and values.


Though a local print shop may have some unique benefits over a large box store chain, it’s important to note that one of its biggest drawbacks is production capacity.

A local print shop might be able to offer you more customizable political campaign signs, but many aren’t equipped to handle larger orders as efficiently as nationwide chains or specialized online retailers.

Not only that, but while they offer custom options, the range of options might not be as extensive as what you’re looking for.

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Option #3: Reputable Online Retailers

Shopping for political yard signs online opens up a world of possibilities that large nationwide stores and local brick-and-mortar stores just simply can’t always match.

How is this the case?

While not all online print shops are the same, the best will be able to offer:

  1. Broad Selection of Styles: Online retailers typically offer a wider selection of sign shapes and sizes, catering to the diverse needs of political campaigns.
    This variety ensures that you can find the perfect match for your message and branding.
  2. Helpful Design Tools and Skilled Design Staff: Many online platforms provide advanced design tools and access to on-staff graphic artists.
    These resources are invaluable for crafting professional and impactful designs, even if you don’t have a graphic designer on your campaign team.


  1. Competitive Pricing: Due to lower overhead costs and the scale of their operations, the best online retailers will pass their savings on to you and offer highly competitive pricing.
    This affordability makes it possible to order high-quality signs in the quantities needed without straining your campaign’s budget.

Online print companies can be a smart and financially savvy way to print your campaign materials, but you must choose wisely.

Just like regular retail stores, online print shops are not all created equal.

From political yard signs to vinyl banners and other types of political signage, it’s crucial to ensure your online retailer is reputable and reliable.

Here are some tips for finding the right one:

  • Read Customer Reviews: Look for feedback from previous customers to gauge the quality of the signs and the level of customer service.
  • Check for Quality Guarantees: Reputable retailers will stand behind their products with satisfaction guarantees or return policies.
  • Assess the Design Process: Ensure the retailer offers a proofing process, so you can approve the final design before it goes to print.
  • Investigate Production and Shipping Times: Confirm that the retailer can meet your timeline, especially if you need the signs quickly.
  • Look for US-Based Manufacturing: If you’re in the US, choosing a retailer that manufactures domestically can ensure faster delivery and support local businesses.

By taking these factors into account, you can confidently select an online retailer that will deliver quality political yard signs to support your campaign effectively.

Option #4: DIY Solutions

For smaller campaigns or grassroots movements, creating your own yard signs can be a cost-effective and personalized way to spread your message and keep your campaign costs low.

Here are some creative ideas and tips for DIY yard signs:

  • Choose the Right Material: Use corrugated plastic or foam board for durability. These materials are sturdy and can withstand the elements better than cardboard.
  • Keep It Legible: Use large, bold fonts and high-contrast colors to ensure your signs are readable from a distance. Black letters on a white background are a classic and effective combination.
  • Simplicity is Key: Keep your message short and to the point. A simple “Vote for [Candidate’s Name]” is often all you need.
  • Use Stencils: For a more professional look, use stencils for uniform lettering and shapes. This also helps if you’re making multiple signs.
  • Securely Attach to Stakes: If you’re using wooden stakes or metal frames, make sure your sign is securely attached to withstand wind and weather.
  • Protect Your Work: Apply a clear sealant spray to protect your sign from rain and fading.
  • Involve Volunteers: Making signs can be a community event. Gather volunteers to help paint and assemble the signs.
  • Recycle: Consider using recycled materials for an eco-friendly approach. This can also resonate well with voters who value sustainability.
  • Test Your Sign: Place your sign in your yard first to see how it holds up and to ensure it’s visible from the street.
  • Follow the Law: Make sure you’re aware of local regulations regarding political signs to avoid any legal issues.

Remember: Homemade signs not only save money but also add a personal touch that can resonate with voters.

Easy Signs: The Best Political Yard Signs Online

In the realm of political campaigning, where immediacy often trumps all, it’s tempting to opt for the quickest, most economical fix.

But at Easy Signs, we recognize that true value lies not just in speed and cost but in enduring quality and efficacy.

Here’s our promise to you:

  • Signflute™ Corrugated Plastic Signs: Our wallet-friendly Signflute™ material is synonymous with resilience and longevity, making it the perfect substrate for yard signs designed to endure.
  • Dependable Quality: Printed right here in the USA, our signs boast weather-resistant and UV fade-resistant inks, ensuring your campaign’s message remains as vibrant and legible as the day it was printed, come rain or shine.
  • Tailored to Your Campaign: Easy Signs isn’t just about signs; it’s about solutions. Our customization process is a breeze, offering a plethora of sizes, personal artwork uploads, and unique shape options. Plus, with a production time of just 24 hours, your signs will be ready to hit the ground running swiftly.


Choosing Easy Signs means investing in a marketing asset that yields dividends in visibility and impact. Don’t compromise on the effectiveness of your campaign’s signage.

Opt for Easy Signs, where quality, customization, and lasting impression are part of every order. Make your mark with confidence this election season. Contact us to learn more about what size are political yard signs.

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