“What Size are Political Yard Signs?” Answers to This Question and More


Does size matter?

Are certain fonts or phrases more powerful than others?

Can a political yard sign really be an effective means of influencing voters? Or are they outdated and antiquated in the world of social media campaigns?

Key Takeaway
  • The size of a political yard sign can affect visibility and readability, which are crucial for delivering messages
  • Certain fonts and phrases can have a stronger impact on your audience.
  • Political yard signs can still influence voters by increasing name recognition, even in an era that is focused on digital and social media campaigns.

For some, election day may still seem far in the future. But for campaign managers and candidates everywhere, election season has already begun.

Whether you’re a seasoned campaign staffer or someone who is just wading into the election pool, knowing the answers to some of the big campaign advertising questions is going to help you get this year’s campaign off to a good start.

Let’s explore some of the big questions that surround campaign advertising, particularly those that pertain to one of the most used and highly effective tools in your campaign arsenal…

The Iconic Political Yard Sign.

Question #1: What are Political Yard Signs and Who Needs Them?

Political campaign yard signs are typically rectangle-shaped pieces of corrugated plastic that are placed in the yards of homes or along roadsides leading up to an election season.

They are inexpensive and effective ways to display the name of a candidate, political party, or a specific message related to a political campaign.

Made from materials that can withstand changing weather, political signs often feature bold colors and large text to catch the eye of people passing by. Their design is generally straightforward, focusing on the candidate’s name and/or a slogan to maximize the potential voter’s interest and make the message clear.


Political yard signs are effective because they:

  • Increase Name Recognition: They help familiarize the public with a candidate’s name, which can be particularly beneficial in local elections.
  • Signal Support: A high density of signs in a neighborhood can indicate strong local support, potentially influencing undecided voters.
  • Complement Campaign Strategies: While not as far-reaching as digital campaigns, yard signs can be an effective component of a broader campaign strategy, especially in areas with less internet penetration or among demographics less engaged with social media.

Political yard signs have been a longstanding campaign tool, yet they’re still relevant today. They offer visibility in local communities and can work to really complement other campaign efforts.

Political lawn signs are particularly useful for candidates who need to build name recognition quickly, have a limited mass media budget, or want to market themselves as a true grassroots campaign.

Does Size Matter? (Standard Sizes for Political Campaign Signs)

When it comes to campaign yard signs, size does indeed matter.

Most election yard signs are going to be either the very common 12 by 18 inches or slightly larger 18 by 24 inches.

While the larger sign may increase visibility (making them ideal for areas with less foot traffic or where signs need to be visible from the road) smaller signs can be more effective as they are easier to place in smaller areas, as well as transport and move when necessary.

  • What About the Law?

    Regardless of what size you decide to order, it’s important that you check with your local election board or homeowners’ association (HOA) for any size limitations.

    Many jurisdictions have rules about the size and placement of yard signs to maintain community aesthetics and safety.

    For example, some places may limit signs to less than six square feet or have maximum height restrictions around 3-5 feet, including the stake.

    When it comes to political signage, size does matter, and electing the appropriate size for your campaign yard signs involves considering visibility, readability, and compliance with local regulations.


    It’s important to choose a size that effectively communicates your message while respecting community guidelines.

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Word Power: How Do Fonts, Colors (and Key Phrases) Affect Election Results?

Not only can the yard sign size affect the outcome of an election campaign, but the choice of fonts, colors, and phrasing can make a difference as well.

Studies show that political yard signs are not just about displaying a candidate’s name but are also a form of advertising that reaches people who may not be plugged into politics.

In an article written by political scientist Donald Green, it was concluded that fonts and phrases used on custom political signs have been shown to increase voter turnout by at least one percent.

Why can fonts, colors, and phrases have such an impact on a campaign sign and how it influences voters?

  • Certain typefaces are known to be perceived as more conservative or liberal, affecting how a voter may feel about a specific candidate, even if they don’t know much about them.
  • Color psychology plays a significant role. For example, the color red is often associated with energy and passion, which can convey urgency or importance.
  • Certain colors are frequently seen as stable and trustworthy (blue) or optimistic and inspiring (yellow), making them a popular choice for candidates wanting to project certain emotions.
  • Simplicity in design can suggest transparency and straightforwardness, appealing to voters looking for candidness in politics.
  • Complex fonts may imply sophistication or intellectualism, potentially attracting a demographic that values these traits.
  • Phrases and slogans are crafted to be memorable and resonate emotionally, often becoming a shorthand for the candidate’s platform or values.
  • Visibility and legibility from a distance are crucial for yard signs, influencing font size and thickness choices.
  • Cultural associations with certain fonts or colors can subconsciously align a candidate with specific community values or heritage.
  • Contrasting colors can make a sign stand out, but they need to be chosen carefully to avoid negative connotations or visual discomfort.
  • Certain symbols or emblems can quickly communicate party affiliation or political stance without the need for text.

These elements combined can significantly influence public perception and can be strategically used to enhance a candidate’s appeal to voters.

While we may not know the exact impact a campaign message has on the political outcome, it’s a fact that fonts, colors, and phrases used on political yard signs almost always play some sort of role in shaping public perception.

Not only that, but a carefully thought-out political sign design can certainly contribute to a candidate’s visibility and name recognition.

While it may be challenging to quantify their direct impact on election results, it’s now a well-known fact that the best political yard signs will play a part in engaging voters and conveying your campaign’s key messages effectively.

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Living in a Digital Age: Are Yard Signs Still a Good Use of Campaign Money?

Yard signs offer a unique blend of high visibility and affordability that other advertising mediums struggle to match. Their placement in local neighborhoods ensures constant exposure to passing traffic, capturing the attention of potential voters at a one-time cost.

This has made them an accessible option for many decades and has helped campaigns of all sizes be able to operate on limited budgets with a real grassroots appeal.

But in today’s digital age some wonder: are campaign signs an advertising tool of the past?

Is the cost and effort behind the yard sign creation and placement worth the time and money, particularly when so much can now be done online?

For most campaign strategists, the answer is still yes.

Well-designed political lawn signs can serve as a physical marker of local support in a way that an online ad or social media post can’t. The more signs that appear in yards and public spaces, the more a candidate’s popularity is visually demonstrated, which can influence undecided voters.


Not only that, but the longevity of these signs is another advantage for a campaign. Once a political yard sign is placed, it will continue to promote the candidate without incurring additional costs, unlike digital ads that require continuous funding or social media posts that require continuous updating.

Integrating Yard Signs into Social Media Campaigns:

Let’s look at some ways you can use your election yard signs to help promote your social media efforts.

  • Hashtag Campaigns: Encourage supporters to post pictures with yard signs using campaign-specific hashtags to create online buzz.
  • Contests: Run social media contests for the most creatively placed or decorated yard sign, encouraging community engagement.
  • Geo-Tagging: Supporters can geo-tag their yard sign posts, showing widespread support across different regions.
  • Live Streams: Feature yard signs in the background during live streams or virtual town halls to reinforce branding.
  • Supporter Spotlights: Share stories or features on social media about individuals who have prominently displayed yard signs.
  • Interactive Maps: Create interactive maps showing where yard signs are located, demonstrating grassroots support.
  • Cross-Promotion: Use images of yard signs in social media posts and ads to create a cohesive campaign image across platforms.
  • QR Codes: Include QR codes on signs that link to social media pages or campaign websites, merging physical and digital campaigning.
  • Influencer Partnerships: Partner with local influencers who can showcase the yard signs in their content, reaching wider audiences.
  • Timelapse Videos: Create timelapse videos of yard signs being placed in various locations, which can be shared as engaging content on social media platforms.

Even in the digital age, campaign yard signs remain a cost-effective tool in political campaigns, offering tangible support for your digital strategies. Many candidates wonder how much do political yard signs cost, and the answer often surprises them given the impact these signs can have. Together, yard signs and digital strategies create a comprehensive campaign presence.

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