Political Yard Signs Rules Ohio: What You Need to Know for a Successful Campaign


Are you running a political campaign in the state of Ohio?

Are you confused about the campaign material rules, particularly as they apply to political signs?

If you are trying to figure out the ins and outs of what your volunteers and campaign staff can and can’t do with political signage, then you are not alone.

Key Takeaway
  • When it comes to political yard signs, there are regulations that govern everything from how big the signs can be to where the signs can be located.
  • While there are some laws that seem universal, each state may have its own unique regulations and it’s important to research the rules for your particular state.
  • In Ohio, political signs of any kind are not allowed to be in public right-of-ways or affixed to poles or signs in public spaces.

Putting together a political campaign is not easy, and making sure you are adhering to all the various rules and regulations only adds to the challenges and frustrations.

When it comes to political communications, it’s a good idea to know from the get-go how each state handles how you are allowed to get your message out to the general public.

Let’s do a deeper dive into the great state of Ohio and learn more about political signage dos and don’ts so that you can run a safe, successful, and lawful campaign leading up to the next election day.

Understanding Ohio’s Yard Sign Regulations

Understanding Ohio’s yard sign regulations is crucial for any political campaign to operate effectively.

Whether you are running for a local council position or for the state Senate, Ohio has specific laws governing political yard signs, including regulations on size, placement, and duration.

It’s essential to be aware of any federal or Ohio state restrictions to avoid penalties for non-compliance and to make sure your campaign stays within legal boundaries.

For example, in October of 2019, the Dayton Daily News ran an article that addressed the challenges of freedom of speech versus breaking Ohio laws as they pertain to election signs and how they are displayed.

Familiarizing yourself with Ohio’s yard sign regulations can help you strategize effectively and run a successful campaign without running into any trouble with the local or federal election boards.


Here are some tips to help:

  • Make sure you adhere to the specific placement regulations regarding setbacks from roads, sidewalks, and property lines.
  • Ensure all political yard signs are placed at appropriate distances from roads and sidewalks to avoid obstructing traffic or pedestrian pathways.
  • Be mindful of public property and private property lines and avoid placing signs anywhere that you need written (or at least verbal) permission.
  • Consider placing signs in areas with high visibility to maximize impact while still complying with regulations.
  • Regularly monitor signs to ensure they remain in compliance with Ohio’s regulations throughout the duration of the campaign.

Political messages are a crucial part of every successful campaign and finding ways to get them seen is a high priority for all types of political campaigns.

That said, you must make sure you stay in compliance with your state’s regulations and know how to avoid any unwanted negative publicity or risk having your signs removed.

Behind the Scenes: Designing Political Yard Signs for Ohio Elections

Designing political yard signs in Ohio involves balancing creativity with adherence to legal regulations.

While most designs don’t need to be approved by the State Board of Elections, you will want to be cognizant of creating signs that get your message across without being inappropriate or even unauthorized.

Here are some things to think about when you are designing the signs that will represent your candidate or candidacy:

Make Sure to Comply Creatively with All Regulations: Ensure that your design complies with Ohio’s regulations regarding political signage, including any size restrictions or required disclaimers.

Create Inoffensive But Eye-Catching Designs: Despite regulations, strive for eye-catching designs that effectively communicate your message. Bold colors, legible fonts, and clear graphics can help your sign stand out.

Don’t Forget to Incorporate Disclaimers: Include any required disclaimers or disclosures on your yard signs, such as “Paid for by [Campaign Name]” or similar statements. These disclaimers are often mandated by law and must be prominently displayed.


Make Your Message Clear: Keep your message clear and concise. Avoid cluttering the sign with too much text or graphics, as this can make it difficult for viewers to understand the message at a glance.

By carefully considering these design elements, you can create political yard signs in Ohio that not only comply with legal requirements but also effectively convey your message to voters.

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Checking All the Boxes: Frequently Asked Questions for Ohio Election Sign Compliance

Though it’s always a good idea to stay abreast of any possible changes in local election sign laws, here is a summary of some of the most common and constant rules and regulations that govern yard signs in Ohio.

Can I place political yard signs anywhere?

No, political yard signs must comply with local regulations regarding placement. It’s essential to research and understand the rules in your area to avoid violations.

Do I need permission to place yard signs on private property?

Yes, it’s best practice to seek permission from property owners before placing yard signs on private property. This ensures compliance with local regulations and respects property rights.

Are there restrictions on the size of political yard signs?

Yes, many jurisdictions have regulations regarding the size of political yard signs. It’s essential to check local ordinances to ensure compliance.

Do I need to include disclaimers on my yard signs?

In many cases, yes. Political yard signs often require disclaimers disclosing who paid for the sign or campaign. Check local regulations for specific requirements.

Can I place yard signs in public parks or on public property?

Typically, no. Most jurisdictions prohibit the placement of yard signs on public property such as parks, medians, or rights-of-way. Signs should be placed on private property with the owner’s permission.

How long can political yard signs remain in place?

The duration that yard signs can remain in place varies depending on local regulations. Some areas may have restrictions on the timing of political signage, such as before or after elections.

What materials are best for political yard signs?

Corrugated plastic is a popular material for political yard signs due to its durability, weather resistance, and affordability. It’s essential to choose materials that withstand outdoor conditions for the duration of the campaign.

Can I reuse political yard signs from previous campaigns?

Yes, you can reuse yard signs from previous campaigns if they are still in good condition and comply with current regulations. Ensure that any outdated information is covered or removed before reuse.

Are there penalties for violating political yard sign regulations?

Yes, violating political yard sign regulations can result in fines or other penalties. It’s crucial to follow local regulations to avoid legal consequences.

Can I remove or relocate political yard signs placed by others?

In most cases, it’s best to respect the rights of other individuals or campaigns and refrain from removing or relocating their yard signs.

However, if signs are unlawfully placed or obstructing visibility, you can contact local authorities for assistance.

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