Strike That Pose! 6 Steps to Getting the Best Selfie with Event Press Walls


Your guests are dressed, and ready to impress.

Everyone has spent time on hair, makeup, clothing choices, and coordinating their outfit colors with their partners and friends.

Your guests show up to your event, ready to snap some selfies that they’ll be proud to post on their social media accounts and have others see.

But will your event have the right vibe to give them the pictures they want?

It will if you follow these steps for the perfect event selfie wall!

Key Takeaway
  • Elevate your next event’s experience with striking press wall selfies.
  • Master the art of posing and lighting for shareable and memorable shots.
  • Boost social media impact by incorporating event hashtags and creative angles in your selfies.

All special events usually have some core things in common…

Good food and drink…

Good decor and ambiance…

And good entertainment.

In today’s world, part of the entertainment piece is having a designated area where your guests can gather and snap photographs of themselves and each other, usually referred to as a press wall or social media wall.

But not all social media walls are created equal and knowing what steps you need to take to make sure your event’s selfie station is going to “hit with the crowd” can be a little overwhelming.

Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered!

Let’s look at the 6 steps needed to create a social media display wall that will make your next event one that no one can forget!

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Understanding the Rise of the Selfie Wall

For many years a step and repeat banner (also known as a press wall or a media wall) has been synonymous with glamorous red carpet events, corporate galas, and high-profile trade shows.

These marketing tools were primarily used as a backdrop for celebrities and industry professionals.

These individuals would stand in front of the wall murals and have their photos taken, allowing them some publicity and allowing the sponsor logos and event branding to be seen in the photographs as well.

Today, this iconic media wall concept has begun to take on a transformation, finding a new and enthusiastic audience among the younger generation.


No longer confined to exclusive events, step and repeat banners have become the centerpiece of various occasions, catering to the desire for personalized and shareable moments. In addition to traditional events, Seasonal Press Wall Displays have gained popularity, offering themed backdrops that align with various holidays, seasons, or cultural celebrations.

Now often referred to as selfie walls or social walls, they encourage attendees to capture their experiences and share them across social media platforms.

Here are a few of the more popular places that selfie walls are popping up:


Selfie walls at weddings have become a popular focal point, offering couples a personalized backdrop featuring their names, wedding dates, and thematic elements.

Attendees use this vibrant setting to capture group shots and individual selfies, creating lasting memories that can be instantly shared on social media.

The selfie wall adds an interactive and memorable dimension to the wedding experience, encouraging guests to participate in the celebration beyond the dance floor.


Baby Showers:

At baby showers, selfie walls adorned with adorable baby-themed graphics, playful props, and the expected arrival date provide an engaging space for guests.

The expectant parents and attendees can strike poses, celebrating the impending arrival and creating a fun atmosphere.

The resulting photos serve as keepsakes for the parents and a delightful way for guests to share in the excitement of the upcoming addition to the family.


Class Reunions:

Class reunions often feature selfie step and repeat walls that evoke nostalgia with images from the school days, yearbook-style layouts, and the reunion year prominently displayed.

This interactive element becomes a conversation starter, encouraging attendees to reminisce about shared experiences.

The photos captured against the backdrop are cherished mementos that bridge the past and present, fostering a sense of connection among classmates.


Nightclub Openings:

Nightclubs leverage selfie step and repeat walls to enhance the social experience for patrons, hoping they’ll promote the nightclub on all the social media channels they have.

These vibrant and branded backdrops set the stage for memorable moments as clubgoers document their night out.

The nightclub’s logo, event theme, or sponsor branding becomes a backdrop for countless selfies and group photos. The shareability of these images on social media amplifies the club’s visibility and attracts a broader audience.


Content Creator Events:

Influencers, bloggers, and content creators often incorporate selfie walls into their events, since they understand more than anyone the importance for user generated content to be seen far and wide.

Content creator events are common places to see people learning smart ways to snap selfies that will help increase their fan base.

At content creator events, customized backdrops will often be used to show off each creator’s branding, logo, or catchphrase, thus serving as a way for creators to learn what’s working in the field and get new tips and tricks from one another.


The Art of a Perfect Press Wall Selfie

While a social media wall has a number of elements that are similar to a step and repeat wall or a media or press wall, its primary role at an event is to serve as a backdrop for guests to take their own photos and create their own poses.

Selfie walls give your guests the freedom to be themselves and not be told by professionals how to stand, where to look, or who to pose with.


A selfie wall is truly about self-expression.

But…in order for your social wall to be well-received, you’ll want to follow these 6 steps when designing yours.

1. Focus on an Eye-Catching Design

  • Design an attractive backdrop that aligns with the theme of your event or occasion.
  • Use vibrant colors, engaging patterns, or relevant imagery to make the selfie wall visually appealing so that it will attract your audience on its own.
  • Example: You’re throwing a tropical-themed family reunion, so you design a selfie wall backdrop that features vibrant palm leaves, exotic flowers, and a sunset beach scene to create an eye-catching and immersive atmosphere that your audience can’t resist.

2. Make Your Theme Clear

  • Incorporate elements that clearly represent your brand or the theme of the event.
  • Include logos, slogans, or symbols that make the connection between the selfie wall and the occasion unmistakable.
  • Example: Your start-up company is sponsoring a booth at its first trade show, so you will want to make sure you incorporate your company’s logo, colors, and key messaging into the selfie wall design to ensure a cohesive brand representation that all attendees won’t be able to forget.

3. Introduce Interactive Elements

  • Integrate interactive features into your social media wall such as props, frames, or themed accessories that guests can use in their photos.
  • Provide signage or instructions that will help your guests know how to use the interactive features and encourage creative poses while using them.
  • Example: You’re hosting a baby shower for twins so you’ll want to have lots of baby-themed props, such as bonnets, bibs, over-sized bottles, and hand-held signs that people can hold up announcing whether they think the babies are going to be boys or girls.

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4. Make Lighting a Priority

  • Ensure proper lighting to enhance the quality of the selfies.
  • Consider using additional lighting sources to eliminate shadows and create a flattering atmosphere for photos.
  • Example: Your event is an evening wedding reception, so you’ll want to make sure to consider what sorts of additional lighting you’ll want focused on the selfie wall so guests don’t get lost in the shadows when striking a pose.

5. Add Your Hashtags

  • Create a unique and catchy event hashtag associated with the selfie wall.
  • Encourage guests to use the hashtag when sharing their selfies on social media, fostering online engagement and extending the event’s reach.
  • Example: You’re creating a selfie wall for your high school’s 20th reunion, so a hashtag that includes your school’s mascot or the year you all graduated is going to be a fun way for your classmates to remember the event.

6. Integrate All the Social Media You Can

  • Display a live social media feed on screens near the selfie wall to showcase posts in real-time.
  • Incorporate the event’s official social media accounts and encourage guests to tag the accounts in their posts.
  • Example: It’s the opening night at a new club, so make sure to set up screens next to the selfie wall displaying a live feed of Instagram posts that feature the event hashtag and selfies of everyone celebrating with you.

Remember, the goal of a social media wall is to create a visually appealing and engaging backdrop that enhances the overall experience for guests and encourages them to use it for their own photographs and selfies.

By following the above steps, you can design a selfie wall that not only aligns with your event’s theme but also becomes a highlight for every attendee to enjoy and share all the fun they had!

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When it comes to creating frame-worthy photographs, not all selfies are created equal.

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