Step and Repeat Banner Trends: A Wedding Memory Like Never Before

Step and Repeat Banner Trends

There are few days a woman dreams about that prove to be more important than her wedding day.

No matter what her age, her nationality, her budget, or the size of her guest list, every bride has a very clear idea of what she hopes her wedding day is going to look like.

And this is where a beautiful photo backdrop like a Step and Repeat Banner can help make her dreams come true.

Key Takeaway
  • Step and repeat banners are a versatile way to add style and personality to your wedding day.
  • The latest trends include floral designs, photographs, and custom designs.
  • Make sure you choose banners that are made from high-quality materials.

Every bride wants her special day to be remembered long after the “I dos” have been said, the champagne has been poured and the guests have bid both her and her groom farewell.

And one of the best ways to do this is by having a Step and Repeat Banner to help make her photographs ones that no one will ever forget.

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The History Behind the Repeat Banner System

Though the idea of using a Step and Repeat Banner at a wedding is still a novel concept, these photo backdrops have actually been around for years.


Originating from the glitzy world of Hollywood red carpet events and Parisian fashion runways, these colorful repeat backdrops or event branding banners were initially all about showcasing brand logos in a repeating pattern, ensuring that the stars, the models (and the companies representing them!) all got maximum visibility in any and every event space where they were placed.

Open any magazine or click on your favorite star’s Instagram page, and you will see a Step and Repeat banner serving as their beautiful backdrop, subtly displaying names of various brands, sponsors, or even charitable causes they support.

These repeat banner designs, with their understated yet strategic presence, blend seamlessly into the glamorous setting, creating a perfect event or media backdrop that’s both promotional and stylish.

Weddings and Step and Repeats? The Newest Trend for Magical Memories

Knowing the glamorous world they were born from, it’s no surprise that Step and Repeat Banners would eventually make their way into the realm of weddings.

These eye-catching backdrops – an incredibly common staple at all sorts of today’s red-carpet events – are now adding a sprinkle of stardom to wedding venues as well.


Step and Repeat Banners VS Tension Fabric Displays: Same or Different?

Step and Repeat Banners that are used for weddings are usually slightly different than those that are typically seen at trade shows or at red carpet events.

Though the concept is the same, the design tends to be different.

While both Step and Repeats and Tension Fabric Displays are used as backdrops for various occasions, they differ in their appearance and the assembly.

The Tension Fabric Display is created with a pillowcase banner that slips over the frame and zips up at the bottom, so you cannot see any of the frame, and the banner is stretched taut.


Its poles click together with a push button.

On the other hand, the Step and Repeat Banner is a single-sided banner with rod pockets at the top and bottom for the horizontal poles to slide through…and you can see the vertical poles on each side.

These types of repeat backdrop banners are made to have a small amount of slack and poles that can then be screwed together.

Can the terms Step and Repeat Banner and Tension Fabric Display be used interchangeably?

Though Step and Repeat Banners are quite a bit different than Tension Fabric Displays in their makeup and assembly, it’s quite common for these terms to be used as synonyms for each other.


Step and Repeat Banner have long been used as a marketing tool. Tension Fabric Displays were created to add a more sophisticated and aesthetic flair to an event’s backdrop and are used less for marketing and more for entertainment appeal.

Both Tension Fabric Displays and Step and Repeat Banners do a great job of making sure that whatever event they are used for is promoted the way you envision.

While these two terms are often used interchangeably, it’s important to make sure you know what the difference is between the two before you order and know the overall effect you are trying to achieve before you begin creating yours.


Benefits of Wedding-Themed Backdrop Banners: Elevate Your Wedding with Glamour and Style

As you embark on the journey of planning your wedding, every detail matters, from the intricate lace of your gown to the enchanting melodies that will fill the air on your special day.

9 Reasons to Invest in One Today

Among the many elements that contribute to the overall ambiance of your wedding, step and repeat banners stand out as a sophisticated and versatile addition that can elevate your celebration and create lasting memories.

Backdrop Banners Embrace Glamour and Sophistication

Step and repeat banners infuse your wedding with a touch of glamor and sophistication, transforming the venue into a red-carpet-worthy setting.

Their elegant designs, adorned with your names and wedding details, add a touch of grandeur to the event, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation for the festivities to come.


They Serve as Unforgettable Photo Booth Backdrops

Step and repeat banners serve as a captivating backdrop for your wedding photo booth, providing an unforgettable setting for guests to capture their cherished moments.

The banner’s elegant design and personalized details become an integral part of the photo booth experience, ensuring that your guests’ memories are forever intertwined with the beauty of your wedding theme.


Banners Can Help Promote Social Media Engagement

Step and repeat banners offer a unique opportunity to promote your wedding hashtag and social media accounts, encouraging guests to share their photos and memories online.

By incorporating your social media handles into the banner’s design, you can extend the reach of your wedding celebration, creating a buzz that extends beyond the venue and into the digital realm.


A Beautiful Background Banner Can Spark Conversations and Connections

Step and repeat banners serve as a conversation starter, providing a common topic for guests to mingle and connect.

The banner’s eye-catching design and personalized details can spark discussions about your wedding theme, your love story, and the excitement of the day.


These interactions foster a sense of community and shared joy, adding to the overall ambiance of your wedding reception.

If You’re Looking for Lasting Memories…Look for a Custom Backdrop Banner

Step and repeat banners will not only enhance the visual appeal of your wedding but will also serve as a tangible reminder of your special day.

Years from now, as you revisit your wedding photos and reminisce about the celebration, your backdrop banner will serve as an inexpensive way to remind you of the love, laughter, and joy that filled your wedding day.


Don’t Chase the Trend…BE the Trend! Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Unforgettable


Let’s face it…every bride wants her important day to not only be special and memorable, but she wants it to have that something…extra.

Every bride wants her day to stand out and be remembered long after the vows are said and the band plays their last slow dance.

They want their day to be one that they will never forget…and no one else will either.

If you are looking for a few unique ways to make your wedding day feel unique, consider some of the following:

Add floral designs to your Tension Fabric Display or Step and Repeat:


Floral designs are a popular choice for any type of backdrop banner that you might decide to use for your wedding.

A carefully thought-out and realistic-looking floral design can add a true touch of romance and elegance to your event, regardless of where you host it or what season it’s in.

Floral backdrops will create an aura of elegance in all your candid and professional photographs and can easily be customized to match your wedding colors and theme.

For example, if you’re having a formal wedding in the winter, designing a photo backdrop with white roses and dark greenery will give your photos a real sense of elegance and style.

On the other hand, if your wedding is going to be held in the spring outdoors, you may want to create a Step and Repeat Banner with colorful wildflowers for a more rustic and whimsical look.

Create a Mini-Photo Album:


How fun to have every photo taken in front of the backdrop have a small piece of you and your groom within it!

Take some time to collect some favorite photos of both of you ...whether together or apart. You may want to gather photos from your childhood or one of your first dates or your engagement.

Positioning these photos on your Tension Fabric Display or Step and Repeat can be a fun way to capture more than one moment at the same time…and remind everyone at the wedding why you’ve gathered in the first place.

Customize Your Backdrop to Be an Extension of You:


Whether you choose to design a full-scale Step and Repeat vinyl banner, or opt for a slightly more sophisticated Fabric Display, make sure that whatever you choose truly represents the vibe that you and your groom are trying to achieve.

You may want to consider having the date of your special day placed on the banner along with your name and a significant quote or song lyric. Maybe you want to list the names of your wedding party or honor someone who is no longer with you.

Though a wedding backdrop won’t usually have a repeating logo like a corporate event or red carpet event will, it can certainly have other meaningful dates, names, or quotations that repeat across it instead. The more you customize it, the more unique it will become.

Your wedding backdrop has one main purpose…to reflect you.


There are so many beautiful and creative ways to document your wedding. Don’t let any lists or rules tell you what you can or can’t do.

This is your wedding and your moment. Make sure it’s all about you.

When It’s Time to Plan Your Dream Day…Don’t Forget to Invite Easy Signs to Help!

Your dream day is not just another wedding.

It’s your wedding. And anyone helping you plan it should understand that.

At Easy Signs, we know weddings. We take pride in our products and love nothing more than helping a bride come up with and design her perfect vision for her perfect day.

From Step and Repeat Banners to Foam Display Boards to any type of signage in between, our job is to make sure your event is announced, communicated, and remembered exactly the way you wish.

Your wedding is unique to you. Your wedding signs should be too.


Are you ready to get started creating those memories? Then reach out to Easy Signs today and let us help make those memories come true. We can’t wait to work with you!

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