Signs of Success: How Yard Campaign Signs Swing Votes and Help Your Campaign Succeed


In a competitive election season, candidates are looking for any tips, tricks, or helpful hints to help them succeed on election day.

From catchy campaign slogans to memorable marketing tools, candidates and their campaign staff work hard to make sure their messages stand out in a crowded campaign field.

One of the best ways to achieve this is with the ever-popular custom political yard sign.

Key Takeaway
  • Positioning signs in high-traffic areas maximizes visibility and influence.
  • A concise, memorable message on signs can resonate with voters and sway opinions.
  • Eye-catching design and timely placement of signs can significantly boost campaign recognition and success.

Political yard signs are an important part of a successful campaign, but they need to be designed and positioned in a way that allows them to work their magic and not just get lost in the sea of other political signs.

Knowing the best practices (as well as some well-kept secrets!) will help you create and place your yard signs in ways that will ultimately lead to success on election day.

Pro Tip #1: Location, Location, Location

Placing political signs in high-visibility areas is a crucial step for ensuring they are seen by the maximum number of potential people in your community. Thanks to their size and ease of transport, campaigns can get creative about where they place custom campaign yard signs size.

Here are some of the best locations to consider putting political campaign yard signs:

  • Intersections and traffic lights where drivers stop and have time to read your signs.
  • Public parks and community centers where local events are held.
  • Shopping centers and commercial streets with heavy foot traffic.
  • Near polling stations (while respecting legal boundaries) to catch voters’ attention on election day.
  • Along public transit routes, such as near bus stops or train stations.


It’s important to make sure you familiarize yourself with local ordinances and never place political yard signs in areas that have been restricted.

While there are no federal laws that limit the placement of custom political signs, you’ll want to check with your state and local election boards to make sure your signs are displayed in areas that have been approved by the board.

Once you know where you can place your signs, the next step is to know how to place them so they are easily seen by the public:

  • Start Early: The best spots are often claimed first, so start placing your signs as soon as possible.
  • Build Relationships: Network with local businesses and community leaders to secure permission for sign placement.
  • Monitor Your Signs: Regularly check on your signs to ensure they haven’t been moved, vandalized, or damaged by weather. Quick repairs or replacements can save your sign from becoming ineffective.
  • Monitor Competitors’ Signs: Keep an eye on other candidates’ signs to ensure they aren’t encroaching on your space or engaging in unfair practices. However, always respond legally and ethically.
  • Weatherproof Your Signs: Choose materials that can withstand local weather conditions. This might mean investing in waterproof or wind-resistant signs in certain areas.
  • Ensure Proper Installation: Make sure your signs are securely installed. A sign that falls over or flies away is a sign that isn’t working for your campaign.
  • Visibility at Night: If possible, place signs in well-lit areas or use reflective materials so they’re visible at night.
  • Strategic Spacing: Avoid clustering too many signs together. Spread them out to cover more area and prevent any sign from being lost in the crowd.
  • Engage Volunteers: Have a team of volunteers dedicated to sign management. They can help with placement, monitoring, and maintenance.
  • Be Respectful: Always get permission before placing signs on private property, and don’t engage in negative tactics like removing competitors’ signs.

  • Commonly Asked Questions About Yard Sign Placement:

    Q: How can I ensure my signs are visible without contributing to clutter? A: Optimize visibility by placing signs at key locations and spreading them out to avoid saturation. Prioritize high-traffic areas and ensure signs are placed at eye level.

    Q: What should I do if my signs are moved or tampered with? A: It’s important to remain civil and not engage in sign wars. If your signs are moved, simply replace them, if possible. Always have extra signs on hand for such instances.

    Q: How can I find out where undecided and independent voters live? A: Use voter registration data and community insights to identify areas with a high concentration of these voters. Place your signs strategically in these neighborhoods.

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Pro Tip #2: Keep it Clear and Make it Meaningful

Campaign messages are more than just inspiring words on a sign.

Studies have shown that carefully crafted slogans on custom political yard signs can have a psychological trigger that can sway voters as well.

This concept of social proof plays a significant role in voter turnout at the polls. When people see a yard sign supporting a candidate, it acts as an endorsement, suggesting that the candidate is a popular choice within the community.

This can influence others to consider and potentially support that candidate, creating a ripple effect of growing visibility and acceptance.

  • Crafting a Clear and Compelling Message

    The importance of a clear and compelling message on political signs cannot be overstated.

    The words you choose and how you lay them out can make all the difference between a campaign sign blending in or standing out.

    A clear message ensures that passersby can grasp your point instantly, while a compelling message will resonate with your voters’ values and concerns, making your campaign one they want to get behind.

    Here are some tips for crafting clear and compelling messages that can really make a difference:

    • Keep it Short: Limit your sign to a few powerful words. “Vote Smith: Education First” is more effective than a lengthy slogan.
    • Use Action Words: Encourage action with verbs. “Change with Chavez” is more dynamic than “Chavez for Change”.
    • Evoke Emotion: Connect emotionally. “Jones for Justice” can be more impactful than “Elect Jones”.
    • Highlight Differentiators: Make clear what sets you apart. “Green for Green Energy” emphasizes a unique platform.
    • Test Your Message: Before finalizing, get feedback to ensure it’s hitting the mark with your target audience.


Remember that the right message on your yard signs can be a simple, yet powerful tool in your campaign arsenal.

It’s not just about informing — it’s about inspiring and motivating voters to take action.

Keep it clear, make it meaningful, and watch your campaign signs transform into silent ambassadors for your political success.

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Even the Details Matter: Use Designs that Draw the Eye

Creating an effective political yard sign design isn’t just about aesthetics.

It’s also about creating visual cues that guide the voter’s eye and deliver a message quickly and efficiently.

Here are some principles in sign design that you’ll want to consider before creating this season’s campaign signs:

  • Contrast: High contrast between the background and text/graphics ensures legibility from a distance.
  • Hierarchy: Arrange your design elements in a way that leads the viewer’s eye through the sign, from the most important element downward.
  • Simplicity: A clutter-free design with ample white space will enhance readability.
  • Balance: Evenly distributed elements on your yard sign will give it a professional and appealing look.


  • The Psychology of Color

    Believe it or not, color is one of the most significant design tools when creating any sort of yard sign.

    The impact of color in advertising and promotional materials has been well-studied over the years.

    Color experts have found that our moods can easily be affected by various hues and can even influence what we buy, how we react to something, and encourage us to feel a certain way.

    For example:

    • Blues convey trust and stability.
    • Reds attract attention and signal urgency.
    • Greens are associated with growth and environmental issues.
    • Yellows create a sense of optimism and hope.

    When you set out to design your political signage this season, think carefully about the type of mood you want to invoke in your potential voters. Try to choose colors that align with that, as well as the message you want to send.

  • Top Tips for Sign Design

    Designing your campaign signs effectively can be a game-changer for your campaign’s success. Here are some top tips to ensure your signs make a lasting impact:

    1. Focus on Readability: Use large, bold fonts and high-contrast color combinations to ensure your signs are legible from a distance.
    2. Embrace Simplicity: A simple design with a clear message is more likely to be remembered than a complex one.
    3. Consistent Branding: Keep your campaign’s color scheme and logo consistent across all materials for easy recognition.
    4. Use High-Quality Images: If you’re including photographs or logos, make sure they are high resolution to avoid pixelation.
    5. Incorporate White Space: Don’t overcrowd your sign; white space can make your design more eye-catching.


    1. Test Your Design: Before finalizing, print a sample and view it from a distance to ensure it’s effective.
    2. Consider the Environment: Think about where your signs will be placed and design for visibility against the typical backdrop.
    3. Highlight the Candidate’s Name: The candidate’s name should be the most prominent element on the sign.
    4. Keep Your Message Focused: Stick to one key message or slogan to avoid confusing the audience.
    5. Choose the Right Material: Durable materials, like corrugated plastic or aluminum, will last longer and look better throughout the campaign.
    6. Think About Longevity: If your campaign spans multiple seasons, ensure your sign’s material is weatherproof and fade-resistant.
    7. Legal Compliance: Make sure your sign adheres to all local campaign regulations regarding size and placement.

    Putting thought into your political sign design is going to pay off throughout the election campaign season.

    Political yard signs are effective communication tools, but space is limited. Make that space count, and your candidate’s success will follow.

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