The Best Yard Signs: Cheap Doesn’t Always Mean Affordable


It’s an age-old question in the world of advertising that is still being debated today…

Quality versus quantity? Which is better?

Should I buy less expensive signage solutions and keep my bottom line down?

Or am I better off buying the more expensive marketing tools that will cost more but last longer?

But what if you didn’t have to choose?

What if you could have both?

Key Takeaway
  • Quality and affordability are both crucial considerations when choosing yard signs.
  • Cheap yard signs may offer initial cost savings but can lead to issues like poor durability and effectiveness.
  • Prioritizing affordable options that balance cost with quality can provide better long-term value and effectiveness in advertising campaigns.

When it comes to running a business, or planning an event, we all know it’s important to create a budget and stick to it.

This is one of the main reasons that finding good quality items for the least amount of money is key.

While yard signs are a popular advertising and promotional tool, their pricing can sometimes be tricky. Knowing how much you should be paying to get the highest return on your investment depends on several factors, such as the size, quantity, and printing options you choose.

Not only that, but it can also depend on where you buy them from.

Let’s do a deeper dive into the cost of effective custom yard signs and give you the knowledge you need to make the best choice for you.

Cheap vs. Affordable Yard Signs: Finding the Value Sweet Spot

While yard signs are a popular tool, there can be big discrepancies in the quality of these marketing powerhouses, depending on where you buy them and the materials used.

The key lies in understanding the difference between “cheap” and “affordable.”

  • Cheap Yard Signs: Low Cost Is Prioritized Over Quality

    • Material: Cheap yard signs are made with flimsy corrugated plastic or low-grade paper. These materials may bend, tear, or fade easily in sunlight and rain.
    • Printing: Low-resolution graphics with limited color options are par for the course with the “cheap” types of yard signs. The message may be blurry or hard to read from a distance.
    • Durability: Expect a lifespan of just a few weeks with super low cost signs, especially if you are using them outdoors. Frequent replacements will eat into your budget.
    • Effectiveness: Poor visual appeal can detract from your message, reducing its impact.


  • Affordable Yard Signs: Balance Cost with Value

    Material: Lawn signs that are of higher quality can still be affordable, but tend to be made with sturdier corrugated plastic or weatherproof vinyl.

    These types of corrugated plastic yard signs can better withstand wind, rain, and sun exposure for a longer period than those made with less than ideal materials.

    Printing: A higher quality custom yard sign will be printed with higher-resolution graphics that display vibrant colors and clear text.

    Bold visuals capture attention and effectively communicate your message.


    Durability: Quality, affordable yard sign printing should last for much longer than the low end signs, and last for months, which will maximize your return on investment.

    Effectiveness: Professional appearance builds trust and credibility, leading to better results from your campaign.

  • Affordability is all about finding the right balance

    While a cheap sign might seem like a good deal upfront, its short lifespan and potential lack of impact can cost you more in the long run.

    Why is this?

    Well-made, affordable custom signs last longer: Fewer replacements translate to lower overall costs.

    Affordable custom yard signs are more effective: A professional-looking sign gets noticed and delivers your message clearly, leading to better results.

    Higher quality signs will project a better image. Not only do they reflect well on your brand or message, they foster trust and credibility among your customers (and potential ones.)

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The Pitfalls of Cheap Yard Signs: Why Saving a Penny Can Cost You a Dollar

While the price tag of a cheap yard sign might seem tempting, the hidden costs can outweigh the initial savings.

Here’s why opting for affordability over “cheap” is crucial for a successful advertising campaign.

1. Flimsy Materials, Fickle Results

Imagine a yard sign made of flimsy plastic, swaying sadly in the wind like a wilted flower. This is a common issue with cheap signs.

They lack the structural integrity to withstand harsh weather, leading to tears, cracks, and a disheveled appearance.

2. Poor Print, Lost Message

Cheap signs often feature low-resolution printing with blurry graphics and faded colors.

Think of a “For Sale” sign with illegible text due to low-quality printing.

Potential buyers might struggle to decipher the contact information or even the basic message, leading to lost leads and wasted advertising dollars.

3. Limited Customization, Limited Impact

Many cheap sign providers offer limited design options. You might be stuck with generic fonts and clip-art visuals that fail to grab attention.

For instance, a local bakery relying on a cheap sign with a generic cupcake image might blend in amongst the plethora of yard signs on the street.

A well-designed, affordable sign featuring a mouthwatering photo of their signature pastry, however, would be far more likely to entice customers.

The Domino Effect of Cheap Signs

Cheap signs not only look bad, but they also send the wrong message about your brand or cause.

Flimsy materials and low printing quality can evoke a sense of carelessness or lack of professionalism. In a competitive landscape, this can be the difference between attracting interest and being completely ignored.

Remember, yard signs are a silent salesperson working for you around the clock.

Don’t let cheap signs undermine your message and potentially damage your brand reputation. Invest in affordable, well-made signs that will get noticed, deliver your message clearly, and ultimately lead to a higher return on your investment.

Finding Affordable Solutions: Stretch Your Budget Without Sacrificing Quality

Yard signs are a powerful marketing tool, but keeping costs in check is crucial.

Here’s how to find affordable yard signs that deliver the quality and impact you need.

Consider the materials: While aluminum signs may look polished and professional, corrugated plastic is the most popular choice for yard signs today. It offers an excellent balance of affordability and durability.

Look for signs that are at least 4mm corrugated plastic for better weather resistance.

Consider the Stakes: Consider purchasing sturdy wire stakes to go with your corrugated plastic signs. These stakes are affordable and effective for displaying your message.

Explore Printing Options: Take your time to find a company that prioritizes printing their signs with vibrant colors and high-resolution graphics at a competitive price, especially for larger quantities.


To give your yard signs more exposure, make sure to print double sided yard signs that can be seen from all angles. The additional cost is minimal but the return is excellent.

Shop Around and Compare Prices: There are plenty of online and in-person yard sign companies from which to choose.

Make sure you spend the time looking for the ones that offer competitive rates and give discounts for bulk orders.

Focus on Value, Not Just Price: While price is important, you will also want to prioritize features that contribute to a sign’s effectiveness.

Things like durability, visibility, and customization options are all going to matter in your satisfaction and sign’s long term success.

Remember…The cheapest lawn sign might not be the most affordable lawn sign in the long run.

By considering the factors above, you can find the yard signs that strike the perfect balance between affordability and quality, maximizing your return on investment and effectively communicating the message you are hoping for.

Easy Signs: A Powerful and Affordable Partner for Your Business

Yard signs are an under-appreciated marketing tool with the potential to supercharge your business growth.

From eye-catching promotions to clear event directions, custom lawn signs can offer a versatile and cost-effective way to reach your target audience.

But don’t settle for cheap signs that fade and fall apart quickly.

If you want to find high quality for low cost, invest in Easy Signs’ custom yard signs that are made with our specialized Signflute™ Corrugated Plastic.

This innovative material boasts a 30% longer lifespan, ensuring your message gets seen for longer and replacement signs are one less thing you need to worry about.

And…with a variety of yard sign sizes, shapes, and customization options, we can help you to create unique yard signs that perfectly capture your brand identity and resonate with your audience.

Plus, convenient features like rust-proof grommets and recyclable materials make our yard signs both user-friendly and environmentally responsible.


Are you ready to unlock the power of yard signs for your business?

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