“Can I Buy Yard Signs with Stakes?” and Other Frequently Asked Yard Sign Questions


When you decide to invest some of your profits into promotional materials like yard signs, you’ll want to know all the ins and outs before you make your final purchase.

Will my yard signs come with stakes?

What type of material will the yard signs be made from?

Do I need to create my graphics, or will the yard sign company do it for me?

These are all important questions you need answers to for your yard signs to be as effective as you need them to be.

Key Takeaway
  • Yard signs have become a popular tool for advertising and/or promoting a business, brand or event.
  • While yard signs may be a simple form of advertising, you will still want to make sure you have all your questions answered before you order.
  • Make sure to find a reliable manufacturer who understands your needs before you order your yard signs.

Thanks to their low cost, easy adaptability and many creative uses, custom yard signs continue to grow as a great way for businesses to advertise, for real estate agents to promote a property and for political candidates to drum up support and get their names noticed.

Let’s get your questions answered so you can begin to put these innovative marketing tools to use for you!

Question 1: Can I Buy Yard Signs with Stakes?

While it is possible to buy yard signs with stakes already in place, most higher quality signage sites will have you purchase stakes separately from your lawn signs.

The reason for this is that not everyone wants to use stakes to display their custom signs.

For example, you may be wanting to purchase yard sale signs for your neighborhood that will be hung on a fence at the entrance of the community or on the side of a communal building.

In a situation like this, there is no need for you to pay extra for stakes if you don’t need them.

For those who would like to purchase stakes for their yard signs, most signage sites will sell them alongside the yard signs.


At Easy Signs, we have two types of wire stakes you can choose from:

  • Metal Ground Spikes:

    1. Affordable sign holders that are suitable for various sign sizes.

    2. Easy-to-use stakes that slide into the sign, and then insert into the ground.

    3. Sold in packs of 10 for convenience.

    4. Metal Ground Spikes require a 4mm thick sign with vertical flutes (to slide onto the spike) and have a max recommended size of 24″ W x 18″ H.

  • RealFrame™ Sign Holders:

    1. Easy Signs’ most durable frame, which is made of heavy-duty plastic and stainless steel spikes.

    2. Available in white or black for aesthetic versatility.

    3. Compatible with 4mm thick signs and recommended sizes.

    4. Can be purchased in packs of 10 like the metal ground spikes above.

    5. Our RealFrame™ Sign Holders require a 4mm thick, 19.7″ W x 15.7″ H sign.

Remember that any sign holder you purchase should be compatible with the corrugated plastic yard signs you order off the same site as well.

Question 2: What Size Yard Sign Should I Get?

Choosing the correct size for your yard sign is crucial to maximize its effectiveness and visibility.

Yard signs come in various sizes, each suitable for different purposes and placements.

  • Common Yard Sign Sizes

    Yard signs typically range from smaller formats like 12″x18″ to larger displays such as 24″x36″. The size you choose should depend on how you intend to use the sign:

    12″x18″ Signs: Ideal for short, simple messages and smaller spaces. Perfect for real estate signs, directional signs at events, or small-scale community announcements.

    18″x24″ Signs: This is the most popular size for yard signs because it balances visibility and cost-effectiveness. It’s large enough to be noticed by passersby, yet small enough to be economical and easy to handle.

    24″x36″ Signs: Best for high-traffic areas where the sign needs to stand out from a distance. Great for big announcements, large events, or advertising in expansive outdoor areas.


  • Tips on Choosing the Right Size

    When deciding on the size of your yard sign, consider the following factors to optimize visibility and impact:

    Message Length and Clarity: Larger signs are better if you need to include more text or if your message includes detailed graphics. Ensure that all text is large enough to be read from the intended viewing distance without causing the viewer to struggle.

    Graphic Details: If your sign includes logos or images, a larger size may be necessary to ensure these elements are clear and visible. Complex graphics require more space to be effective and legible.

    Placement and Viewing Distance: Consider where your sign will be placed and how far away viewers will be. A larger sign is more appropriate for locations next to busy roads, while smaller signs are sufficient for pedestrian traffic areas or smaller streets.


  • Other Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Lawn Signs

    In addition to size, think about the overall design and how it complements your message:

    Contrast and Color: Make sure there is a strong contrast between the background and any text or graphics to enhance readability

    Durability and Material: Larger signs may need sturdier materials to withstand environmental factors like wind and rain.

    Local Regulations: Check any local signage regulations that may dictate the size or placement of yard signs in your area to ensure compliance.

    By carefully considering these elements, you can choose a yard sign size that effectively communicates your message and catches the eye of your target audience.


Manufactured in America

Crafted with pride on American soil, our products represent quality, integrity, and support for local communities.

Question 3: What Material Are the Best Yard Signs Typically Made Of?

When it comes to yard signs, choosing the right material is key to ensuring your message gets seen and heard.

While there are a few options available, there’s a clear winner in terms of both effectiveness, longevity, and value.

  • Corrugated Plastic: The Champion of Yard Signs

    Corrugated plastic, also known as Coroplast™ or Signflute™, reigns supreme in the world of yard signs for several compelling reasons:

    It’s Affordable: Corrugated plastic is a budget-friendly material, making it an ideal choice for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike. You get a high-impact marketing tool without breaking the bank.

    It’s Durable: Don’t be fooled by its lightweight nature. Corrugated plastic is surprisingly sturdy and can withstand the elements. Wind, rain, and even some sunshine won’t easily faze your sign, ensuring your message stays visible for longer.

    It’s Weather-Resistant: Top-quality corrugated plastic, like the Signflute™ we use here at Easy Signs, boasts exceptional weather resistance. The material itself is resistant to moisture and warping, and our printing process utilizes UV-resistant inks. This winning combination ensures your yard sign’s colors stay vibrant and your message remains clear, come rain or shine.


Question 4: Can I Print My Own Yard Signs? DIY VS Professional

The decision to utilize yard signs often leads to this question: can I make my own custom yard sign or do I need to rely on a professional to do it?

While both approaches offer distinct advantages, the optimal choice will hinge on your specific requirements and priorities.

Benefits of Making Your Own Yard Signs:

There are, of course, some definite advantages to making your own yard signs.

Complete Creative Control: By choosing to make your own yard signs, you can craft any message you want to and make a design that is tailored to your exact specifications.

Incorporate Custom Elements: Integrating unique graphics or photographs into your own yard signs will make for a true, one-of-a-kind sign.

Benefits of Professionally Made Yard Signs:

While making your own lawn signs might seem ideal for some, having yard sign printing done by a professional has just as many — if not more — advantages.

    • Streamlined Convenience: Rapid turnaround times and direct delivery to your location are some of the biggest perks of professionally made signs. At Easy Signs, our production time is within 24 hours, which means you’ll have your signs not long after you design them.
    • Extensive Design Options: Professional, online design tool templates are often available through signage websites, and can help jumpstart your creativity.
    • User-Friendly Customization: It’s easy to effortlessly personalize your chosen templates with text, logos, and color schemes.
    • Professional Polish: High-quality printing processes and premium Signflute™ material are available through Easy Signs for a professional look.
    • Exceptional Durability & Weather Resistance: Professional, corrugated yard signs can easily withstand the elements outside, ensuring your message stays visible longer.

Question 5: Where Should I Buy My Yard Signs?

Yard signs are not just a versatile marketing tool, but they’re also readily available!

Let’s delve into two common options to help you find the perfect fit for your needs:

  • Online Retailers

    Online retailers have become a popular choice for purchasing yard signs, offering a multitude of benefits:

    • Convenience: Browse and order yard signs from the comfort of your home or office.
    • Vast Selection: Online retailers often boast extensive collections of pre-designed templates catering to diverse purposes and occasions. You’re likely to find a design that aligns perfectly with your message.
    • Competitive Pricing: Online retailers can offer competitive pricing due to their lower overhead costs. You might find good deals, especially when purchasing in bulk.

    However, there are also some considerations when buying online:

    • Limited Customization: While some online retailers offer customization options, they might be restricted compared to local print shops. You might have less flexibility in terms of design elements or material choices.
    • Shipping Costs: Factor in shipping costs when comparing prices. Free shipping offers can make online retailers even more attractive.
    • Touch and Feel Limitations: You can’t physically inspect the yard sign’s material or printing quality before purchase. Rely on customer reviews and the retailer’s reputation to make informed decisions.

  • Local Print Shops

    Local print shops offer a distinctive alternative for purchasing yard signs:

    • Personalized Service: Benefit from the expertise and guidance of local print shop staff. They can answer your questions, offer design suggestions, and ensure your yard sign meets your specific requirements.
    • Extensive Customization Options: Local print shops often provide greater flexibility in customizing your yard sign. You might be able to choose from a wider range of materials, incorporate unique design elements, or even work directly with a graphic designer to create a truly customized sign.
    • Local Support: Buying from a local print shop supports your community and helps small businesses thrive.

    While local print shops offer distinct advantages, there are also some potential drawbacks:

    • Selection: Local print shops might have a smaller selection of pre-designed templates compared to online retailers.
    • Pricing: Prices at local print shops might be slightly higher than online retailers due to higher operational costs. However, the personalized service and customization options can justify the cost of some projects.
    • Turnaround Time: Turnaround times at local print shops might be slightly longer than online retailers, especially for complex customization requests.

Ultimately, the best choice between online retailers and local print shops depends on your specific needs.

Consider factors like budget, desired level of customization, turnaround time, and your preference for online convenience or personalized service.

Easy Signs: When Quality and Convenience Both Matter

Whether you prioritize convenience, customization, or a combination of both, Easy Signs is here to help.

Our user-friendly online design tool allows for effortless customization, and our commitment to high-quality printing ensures your yard sign looks professional and gets noticed.

Not only that, but we are proud of our high-quality digitally printed yard signs that are manufactured in the United States and are priced to compete on the market and stay within your budget.

Our state-of-the-art technology and 24-hour production time are designed to deliver high-quality yard signs to you as quickly and affordably as possible.

Whether you are hosting yard sales, open houses, or preparing for an upcoming political campaign, contact Easy Signs today to explore the many ways we can help you create impactful yard signs that get your message seen! If you want to read more about blank yard signs, we have additional information available.


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