Ground Spikes & Sign Holders

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1 x Pack of 10 Metal Ground Spikes with 10 x Double Sided Printed 24" W x 18" H Signflute Corrugated Plastic Signs

$ 144.74

5 x Packs of 10 Metal Ground Spikes for Corrugated Plastic Signs

$ 224.37
($44.87 each)

5 x Black RealFrame™ Sign Holders with 5 x Double Sided Printed 20" W x 16" H Signflute Corrugated Plastic Signs

$ 239.35
($47.87 each)

10 x Black RealFrame™ Sign Holders for Corrugated Plastic Signs

$ 262.60
($26.26 each)


About our Ground Spikes & Sign Holders

Tired of wasting time attaching signs to fences and poles to direct people to your open home or promote your business? Order some Ground Spikes for your Yard Signs and get ready to welcome your clients into their new home!

Our Metal Ground Spikes are a great option for those who are after a quality sign holder, without a hefty price tag. Order your signs with the pack of Ground Spikes, then slide them onto the spikes and push them into the ground with the handy footrest.

If you want a frame with a little more kick that makes a lasting impression, then you need our RealFrame™ Sign Holders. Available in a choice of white or black, our RealFrame™ Sign Holders are manufactured using heavy duty plastic and stainless steel spikes. They can also be easily pushed into the ground to keep them stable.

  • Order your printed Signflute Corrugated Plastic Signs™ with your Metal Ground Spikes or RealFrame™ Sign Holders
  • You can purchase the RealFrame™ Sign Holders individually, our Metal Ground Spikes are sold in packs of 10
  • Our RealFrame™ Sign Holders require a 4mm thick, 19.7" W x 15.7" H sign
  • Our Metal Ground Spikes require a 4mm thick sign with vertical flutes (to slide onto the spike) and have a max recommended size of 24" W x 18" H
  • Our Yard Signs, Signflute™ Corrugated Plastic Signs and Coroplast Signs can also be purchased separately

** The fixed shipping price is based on delivering your entire order to one location.


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Check out these awesome reviews from our customers in Australia.
The same products are now available and being manufactured in the USA!

Official Signflute™ Printer

Official Signflute™ Printer

Signflute™ corrugated plastic has been specifically developed to match the demands of the new high speed flatbed printers and inks.

The corrugated plastic material needed to improve at the same rate as the printers to ensure maximum adhesion of the ink to the substrate. The older styles of corrugated plastic were found to be unsuitable for these high tech flatbed printers. They did not have the adhesive properties required - so the ink would just crack and fall off them after a short time!

Our exhaustive testing of many brands of corrugated plastic has shown that Signflute™ corrugated plastic - with it’s smooth surface and very high dyne levels - provides us with the highest quality print results and ink adhesion.

HP Latex R2000 Printer

Latex Printing Technology

Our HP Latex R2000 printers are at the cutting edge of world printing technology and provide exceptionally high print quality with super fast printing speeds.

The R2000 flatbed printer is a 6 color flatbed printer which provides more vibrant colors and sharper print quality than conventional flatbed printers. Using the latest Latex printing process with water based inks, it provides glossier prints with greater scratch resistance and no UV smell!

Lowest price and highest print quality! These do not usually go hand in hand - but the HP Latex R2000 printers’ super fast printing speeds allow us to reduce our printing costs and pass the savings onto our customers through lower prices.

Perfect colors every time!

Perfect colors every time!

Our color management system ensures that all of our printers print the correct color every time.

As part of our color management system, we have profiled all of our printers and materials to print to the ISO12647 color standard. We also implement weekly color checks on all printers to ensure the accuracy of the color we are printing for our customers.

This makes sure that your color are printed perfectly - for every order.

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Ground Spikes & Sign Holders
Ground Spikes & Sign Holders
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Check out these awesome reviews from our customers in Australia.
The same products are now available and being manufactured in the USA!